Summer Skin Care!

I realised I haven’t posted a skin care post since the winter! And the change in weather means you need to treat your skin differently. If you’ve been breaking out all summer and you can’t figure out why it might be down to your skin care routine. So here are my top tips for changing … More Summer Skin Care!

Winter Skin Care

Winter is here and temperatures are plummeting. This time of year can be really harsh on your skin so it’s important to know how to keep it healthy. Here are my tips for keeping skin healthy and clear throughout the winter. Stay Hydrated – Make sure you drink plenty throughout the day. Staying hydrated makes … More Winter Skin Care

Acne reality

There is a lot of stipulation about acne. Everyone has their own opinions and theories about what causes breakouts and what can help prevent them. A large majority of the population suffers from acne at some point in their life. With acne comes the ‘advice’, creating a weird game of dermatology whispers, each person’s story … More Acne reality