PCOS Diaries: Living with Hirsutism​!

Hello Sweet Peas! Happy Wednesday and welcome to the fourth installment of the PCOS Diaries. Today we are going to be discussing what it is like to live with Hirsutism. Hirsutism is one of the more noticeable and life-altering symptoms of PCOS and other such medical conditions. Due to the imbalance of testosterone in the body, unwanted … More PCOS Diaries: Living with Hirsutism​!

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year Sweet Peas and welcome back! If you’re new here, Hi! My name’s Ay and this blog pretty much covers all things beauty, feminist and PCOS related as well a few other topics. If there is something specific you want to read, head down to the bottom of the blog for the drop-down and … More Welcome Back!