About Ay

Welcome to the Life of Ay blog!

My name is Ay! I’m 24 years old and I run this blog.

I’ve got quite a few strings to my bow, I graduated from University with a first class degree with Honours in English Literature and Creative Writing. I am a published writer here in the UK and I write under the name Karin Matthews. I am currently in the midst of writing my first murder mystery novel!

But as well as being a writer I have a love for beauty, fashion and makeup. I trained as a makeup artist back in 2012 and worked as a makeup artist/ face painter until my final year of University (which was hell and I couldn’t juggle it all).

It was during my second year of University that I started this blog, it was a combination of wanting something to write other than essays and needing a project for my social media module. I never planned for it to go very far, but I fell in love with blogging.

Over the last few years, this blog has become my baby and I love spending the time to create content. It was during the early days of my blog that I was diagnosed with PCOS and I found great comfort in discussing my condition on my blog, spreading awareness for women out there who were struggling the same way I was.

I am also a feminist and will often discuss things from the media that I am passionate about. All told, I like to think there is a little something on this blog for everyone.

I hope you enjoy reading and decide to become a Sweet Pea by clicking that follow button!


Ay x