Summer Skin Care!

I realised I haven’t posted a skin care post since the winter! And the change in weather means you need to treat your skin differently. If you’ve been breaking out all summer and you can’t figure out why it might be down to your skin care routine. So here are my top tips for changing … More Summer Skin Care!

Lip First Aid

It is so very nearly Spring, but the winter months are still taking their toll, especially on our lips. Crack, sore and bloody, our lips are at their most vulnerable during the winter. There are many reasons why the colder months are such a harsh time for our lips; the cold air dries up all … More Lip First Aid

Foundation 101

Foundation can be traced back all the way to ancient Egypt when the Egyptians would paint their faces using minerals and clay to show their social class. In ancient Greece, the Greeks used white lead powder and chalk to lighten their skin tone. The lighter their complexion the more fashionable the person appeared to be. … More Foundation 101

Guide to Facemasks.

My goodness! What is going on with this cold weather? It is playing havoc with my skin and my saving grace has been using a series of facemasks. There are many benefits to using facemasks, they can help cleanse your skin, refine your pores, hydrate and even out your skin tone. There are many different … More Guide to Facemasks.