Dear 13 Year Old Me!

Dear Thirteen Year Old Me. I know you’re frustrated right now. It seems like everyone is better than you at everything. All the girls seem to be skinnier than you, prettier than you. Boys don’t want to go anywhere near you. I know it seems like all your friends are planning their futures and no … More Dear 13 Year Old Me!

Emma’s Nip Slip?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you have more than likely heard about the backlash, Emma Watson is dealing with over a ‘topless’ picture published in a fashion magazine. Now the reason this, so called topless picture caused so much of a debate is because some people felt … More Emma’s Nip Slip?

Anything to Dehair

The sun is finally shining here in the UK so it’s time to disguard our woolly jumpers and actually show a little skin for a change. But alas, we have a problem…thinking back, when was the last time we shaved our legs? This was pretty much my train of thought as the sun began to … More Anything to Dehair

The Perfect Body

What is the perfect body? Is it a body that is toned, slim and tanned? Is it a body with a tiny waist, big boobs and a bubble butt? I personally think the perfect body is whatever your body looks like when you feel the most comfortable in yourself, whether that be at size 6 … More The Perfect Body

Being Bridget

Admit it, you either are, or you know of somebody who is a Bridget. One of those poor souls who seems to try so determinedly to pull their life (namely their love life) together and fails dramatically every time. The type of personal, that despite continuous desperate attempts, isn’t a size 6 gorgeous Victoria Secret … More Being Bridget