My Oil Diffuser Addiction!

Hello Sweet Peas! Long time, no blog!

I’ve tried to start blogging again several times, but it never felt right and I could never think of the right content to write about. But a lot has changed in 2020 already! I have now moved into my own place and that has done wonders for my mental health, so I am getting the itch back to blog!

With that being said, today I really want to talk about a new addition to my life which I no longer think I can live without!

I have been a huge candle lover for years, my mum used to work with candles when I was growing up and the obsession was passed on to me. For years I have made my way through SO many candles throughout the year. Burning different scents for different seasons. I would have large Yankee Candle jars, tea lights in every scent possible and I would get through them like water! But candles are expensive! Not only are they bad for the wallet, when you finish with them you are either left with a little plastic disk or a glass jar (there are only so many glass jars you can upcycle around the house!).

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love candles and still have many around my house. But my mum brought me something for Christmas that is an actual game changer!

From the day I moved into my new apartment, I have been using my oil diffuser every single day. At first, it was just to get rid of the musty smell in my apartment because it had been empty for over a year. But after a week or so I started noticing that there were a lot of other benefits!

Deodorising: – As I said, when I first moved into this apartment the previous owner had moved to London several years earlier and had been using it as a base when he came to see his family. But for the most part, the property had been empty for a very long time, which meant it smelt a little funny when I first moved in. It was weird, it almost smelt like I had eaten a Chinese takeaway the night before – which I hadn’t so really didn’t want my apartment smelling like I had! I used some lemongrass and citrus oils in my diffuser and within a week the weird smell was completely gone!

Insomnia: – Before I moved house, I had my insomnia under control and had a pretty good sleeping routine. But after I moved, being in a new room, a new bed and a completely new environment, I was really struggling to sleep. So I started putting my diffuser in my room on an hour timer when I went to bed. I use lavender oil and set the light to a soft pink colour. This creates such a relaxing atmosphere in my room, the lavender scent is so calming and the quiet humming of the machine acts as white noise and sends me right off to sleep. After an hour, it turns itself off (which is also much safer than candles!)

Woman Sleeping on Mattress Covered With Blanket

Anxiety: – Similar to my sleeping problems, I also use this in the evenings. More often than not, when I get home from work I am really stressed and sometimes incredible anxious; especially when my workload is high. I am currently working on getting my novel published, so the work and stresses don’t stop, even after I leave work. When I get home I turn on my diffuser, generally using either lemongrass or peppermint and I don’t know why, but it has made a huge difference. Since I have been using this I feel like I have actually been able to relax when I get home; even if I am still typing away on my computer until late into the night.

Breathing: – Something my dad noticed when he came round recently was that the diffuser actually made the room easier to breathe in. He suffers from asthma and has an air purifier at home. After being sat in my living room for over an hour, he commented on how easy it was to breathe. Curious, I actually did some research and oil diffusers actually do have benefits for breathing problems. Dry air can aggravate the nose and lungs, which can trigger people with conditions such as asthma. Oil diffusers put moisture back into the air making it less dry. Using oils such as lavender can also reduce inflammation caused by allergies and asthma. It is also worth noting however, my dad hasn’t purchased one of these himself as he has dogs. Some essential oils can be harmful to pets. If you have pets but want to start using a diffuser, it is worth doing some research in advance.

Colds:- On the topic of breathing, I found my diffuser came it very handy when I came down with a bad cold. Stuffy nose, blocked sinuses, feeling like crap. Ever since I was a kid I haven’t been able to use Eucalyptus oil. My mum would put it on my pillow to help me breathe, but at some point in the night, I would literally throw my pillow off the bed in my sleep. But the last time I was sick, I put some eucalyptus oil in my diffuser and kept it going while I slept. It didn’t cure my cold, but it did allow me to sleep a little better and allow me to feel a little more human again.

Person Lying on Sofa

Pressure:- This is something I have literally discovered over the last couple of days. Here in the UK, we are currently suffering through Storm Ciara. Because I live on high ground the wind is pretty bad and the air pressure has been rising and falling dramatically. I suffer pretty badly from migraines and headaches, and the changes in pressure were making me feel really sick to the point I had to take time off work. I was left lying on my sofa feeling completely miserable until I decided to put my diffuser on. With the windows and door closed, the diffuser created an environment where the air was more stable and it gave me some relief while the storm was raging.

All in all, my oil diffuser has changed my life! I don’t think I will ever be able to not have one in the house. I am looking forward to experimenting with different oils and scents. I am currently looking into CBD oils and more summery scents. Let me know in the comments if there are any scents you recommend!

Here is a link to the diffuser I use.

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    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! So glad you found it useful! One thing I will add is to be careful what oils you put in your defuser. I recently purchased an oil which was really greasy and it lingered in the diffuser for days despite me changing the scent.

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