My 5am Morning Routine

Getting up in the morning is never an easy task, no matter how used to it you are. It’s even harder to do it at 5am in the middle of winter when it’s darker outside and the sun is hours away from coming up.

But having a routine to fall back on in the morning, when your brain hasn’t quite caught up with your body, can be the difference between getting up and hitting that snooze button. Here is my 5am morning routine to give you some inspiration.


8 pm – My routine starts around 8pm the night before. This is when I retire to my room and start winding down and getting ready for bed. (Let me know if you would like me to do a more in-depth night time routine).

9 pm – This is generally when I aim to be going to sleep. Snuggling down under my covers and putting my sleep mask on. Yes, I sleep with a sleep mask, I am that kind of person. (I’ll talk more about my insomnia and sleep tricks in another post).

5 am – My alarm goes off at 5am, playing the gentle sound of birds that gradually increases in volume. I also have a vibrating alarm on my Fitbit, just in case my phone goes down for any reason. I have been using the Alarmy app for the last few weeks and I really like it. I keep my phone on the other side of my room, so I have to physically get out of bed to switch it off. This makes sure I don’t fall back to sleep. Once I have turned off my alarm, I then put my phone back down and do not look at it.

The next thing I do is turn on my coffee machine, coffee is life and there is no way I can wake up without it at this time in the morning. While my coffee is brewing I chug as much water as I can to rehydrate my body. I also use a essiantial oil roller ball, that is designed for giving you energy. I find the smell alone really wakes me up! Once my coffee is ready I take it back to my bed and switch on my fairy lights,  I then either do one of two things. I either switch on the telly to watch Youtube, have a little me time before work. Or, I get my laptop and spend an hour writing or working on some of my projects.

Depending on how much I have to do that day, sometimes I will wait to eat my breakfast until I am at the office. But if I have a busy morning ahead I will make myself a light breakfast; generally something like vegan yoghurt and granola.


5:45 am – This is the time I finally start to get ready. I wash up my mug and bowl in my kitchen and go back to make my bed. I love coming home to a made bed, its a really simple discipline but it sets you in a productive mindset for the rest of the day.

6 am – Now is the time I finally look at my phone and switch it off aeroplane mode. But I still don’t look at messages or anything to do with work. Instead, I click onto my Youtube app and select a motivational speech or Tedtalk. I find listening to these really get me going in the morning. My favourites are by a man called Eric Thomas, an American motivation speaker. I kid you not, his speeches are the reason I did so well at University.

While listening to these videos I brush my teeth, wash my face and apply my skin care products. Once I have finished in the bathroom I head back to my bed and pull out my makeup and mirror.

I tend to do the same makeup look every day, changing it up every few weeks. Doing this means I don’t have to really think about what I am doing and means I can finish my makeup in record time. It also stops me having to make to many decisions because let me tell you, decision fatigue is a real thing!

Whilst doing my makeup, I use this opportunity to say some affirmations to myself. ‘Today is going to be a great day.’ ‘I got this.’ ‘I am strong and capable.’ When I first started doing this I will admit I felt like an idiot, I didn’t believe what I was saying. But as the days passed I actually started to believe it and I found my way of thinking was changing, I was going to work with a better mindset and becoming a lot calmer.


I have a confession to make. When I first started my new job, my mental health was a mess. I was having multiple panic attacks every day and I would have to go to the bathroom whenever I felt one coming on so I could hide away and let it pass. Since I have been getting up early and going through this routine, I have seen a massive improvement with my anxiety and I haven’t had a panic attack at all in 2019! Which is a huge improvement for me.

Once I’ve done my makeup I move onto my clothes. I tend to pick an outfit the night before, again to remove any unneeded decision making first thing in the morning. I lay the clothes out at the side of my room so that I literally just have to walk over and start putting them on. I am determined to keep my space tidy so when I’m changing I either fold my sleep clothes and place them under my pillow, or I put them straight into the washing basket if its the last day of me wearing them.

6:15 am – Once clothes are sorted, I move onto hair. Generally, by this point, I am really keeping an eye on the time as I have a very specific time which I need to leave the house to avoid traffic. With my hair, it is most often the case of dry shampooing the living crap out of it (I wash my hair once a week – don’t worry I shower every day), and then braiding it to get it out of my face. When you have a stressful day ahead of you there is nothing worse than constantly having to push your hair out of your eyes. Almost makes me miss having short hair…almost.

Once hair is complete I spray myself with perfume and put on my rings and earrings. This is also the time I take my vitamins. I have started taking Vitamin D3, Vitamin B Complex and I also take D-Mannose which helps with kidney and bladder support. I had a really nasty kidney infection early last year that took months to clear and my kidneys and bladder haven’t been the same since. I find taking these help to maintain their health and I’m hoping will naturally heal the damage done.

6:30 am – By this point I am (hopefully) ready to roll. I grab my lunch, bag, coat and keys and head out of the door to my car. It’s a 2-hour commute to my job each morning, so having this relaxing routine to go through in the morning has really improved my mindset and has made the journey a lot more bearable. This, in turn, makes me a lot happier and productive at work!

got this

So that is my 5 am morning routine! I’d love to know some of your routines in the morning! How early do you get up? Let me know in the comments.

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