BADIM 29: Spring Makeup Favourites!

Hello Sweet Peas!

Welcome to day 29 of Blog a Day in May! Today’s post is all about the products I have been loving this spring! They are mostly beauty products because I have been trying out a few new makeup products the last few months and these are the ones I have loved the most!

1. Sleek Lifeproof Foundation – Do you ever reach a point in the day when you look in the mirror and realise there is practically no foundation left on your face? Its melted away throughout the day, leaving oily patches of foundation in its wake? Yeh, this was pretty much me every day since I started working. I tried so many different foundations, from high-end brands to cheap drugstore brands. Nothing seemed to stay on my face for more than a few hours no matter how much setting powder or fixing spray I used. What drew me to this product was the fact it was oil-free, when you have oily skin it makes sense not to put more oil on it, right? To my surprise, this foundation really does stay on a long time. I will get to the end of the day with a slightly shiny face but at least my makeup is still there! For £8 a tube, this is a really affordable product! I will definitely be repurchasing this foundation!

Photo 27-05-2018, 16 20 04_preview.jpg

2. Affect Rice Powder – Before I started using this product I always used to set my makeup using banana powder. The only problem was, I’m pretty pale so I always had to tone down the tanned colour of the banana powder with talc. This product works very similarly to banana powder but it is translucent. It really helps to set my makeup for the long day ahead and the rice extracts have really helped keep my skin clear.

Photo 27-05-2018, 16 18 37_preview.jpg

3. Revolution Conceal and Define concealer – I’ve wanted to try this product ever since it hit the shelves. I heard so many reviews saying that these concealers were extremely good coverage at seriously low prices. Having tested it myself, I love it! I would compare it to a cheaper version of Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer! They have a lot of different shades to choose from and they really are extremely good coverage. I like to put 5 or 6 dots under each of my eyes and this is the perfect amount to cover my ever growing dark circles and brighten my complexion.

Photo 27-05-2018, 16 16 24_preview.jpg

4. HGS & Rouge Soft Focus Pore Perfect HD Matt Veil –  This primer is probably one of the most high-end brands I have tried. I received this product in one of my Glossy Box’s and I have been pleasantly surprised. It feels really lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on the skin like other primers I have used. I feel like my foundation stands a better chance of surviving the day when paired with this product. Plus, the packaging of this product is beautiful and it looks very aesthetically pleasing on my dressing table!

Photo 27-05-2018, 16 16 51_preview.jpg

These are the makeup products I have started using and loving throughout this spring! If you’re looking for a great way to test out new products, then subscribing to a subscription box service such as Glossy Box is a fab way of being introduced to new brands and products (not sponsored).

What products have you been loving this season? Let me know in the comments!

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Love Ay xx




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