BADIM 15: I’m Secretly a Poet!

Hello Sweet Peas!

Welcome to day 15 of Blog a Day in May! We are half way through!

But not only are we halfway through BADIM, but we are over 200 Sweet Peas! I can’t thank you enough for actually taking the time to read my blog! To mark the occasion I thought I would show you a side of myself that I’ve never really shown on this blog. Aside from writing this blog, I am also a fiction writer (although like my blog, I am very early in my career and I’ve only had bits and pieces published). I’m not much of a poet, but since some of you are hitting exam season, I’ll share a poem I wrote during my final exams of my Uni days! It’s called ‘Fish Can’t Climb Trees.’ Enjoy!


Fish Can’t Climb Trees.

There’s something about it;

The atmosphere, I mean.

The choking confinement,

of a single desk.

The noisy silence,

of scraping pencils,

self-conscious coughs

and ticking clocks.

I’ve given up preparing.

I could learn and memories,

every line of a poem,

every theme of a novel.

But when I enter that room,

with rows of tables

and pencil in my hand.

I forget my own name.

I am by no means thick;

though that is what SATS,

GCSE’s and A levels

would have you think

All I says is if you base a fish

on its ability to climb;

it will forever think itself stupid.

Einstein, I believe.

So why base a human

on their ability to sit in silence,

for hours at a time,

regurgitating information.

It just makes no sense,

to treat us all as though

we were one in the same.

But alas.

So I’ll jump through your hoops,

I’ll follow all your rules.

I’ll sit at that table,

and fill up the page.

But I want you to remember,

when you’re reading my scribbles.

I am a fish,

and I cannot climb trees.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my poem. Let me know in the comments whether you would be interested in seeing more of my work on this blog!

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Love Ay xx




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