BADIM 7: Favourite TV Shows!

Hello Sweet Peas!

Welcome to day 7 of Blog a Day in May!

Today I thought I would share with you my favourite TV shows from 2018 so far. Not all of these are new releases, I was a little late to the party of a few of these!

1. FRIENDS! – Yes, I know this show has been around since the 90’s but earlier this year it was finally added to Netflix here in the UK and I have been making my way through the seasons ever since. In fact, I am watching it as I’m working on this post! Whenever I feel like I’ve had a bad day I throw Friends on and it makes everything feel a little less crappy.


2. The Durrells – The third season of this show recently came onto ITV. The story follows the lives of writer Gerald Durrell and his family when he was a boy growing up in Greece. The cast is hilarious and the small stories of all the characters coming together to make one huge mess are so very relatable. Plus, I find it uncanny how much Mrs Durrell reminds me of my own mother! I like to think I’m a bit more like Larry, a misunderstood writer!

3. The Good Karma Hospital – This show kept me sane during my finals last year and I was so happy when it came back for a second season this year! This programme is very heartfelt and spiritual, making you ask questions about how you are living your own life…well I do when I watch it. Set in India, it is beautifully filmed with lots of colours and beautiful footage that will make you want to book a flight out there right away. Prepare yourself for a good laugh, but bring some tissues along too!

4. Riverdale – This is a show I love to binge watch! As someone who loves a good murder mystery programme, this show brings the drama without the serious undertone of detective shows. I love how the characters have been adapted from the old school Archie comics. And not going to lie, I have a crush on at least five of the characters! (FP being one of them!).

5. Tokyo Ghoul – A bit of a strange one but I am adding it to the list because I have been obsessed with this anime! I’ve been an anime fan since my very early teens but I’ve only recently started to get back into it as an adult. Tokyo Ghoul is a rollercoaster ride! Without giving too much away, its set in a world that is inhabited by humans and ghouls who happen to eat humans. The story follows a character called Kaneki, who is half human and half ghoul! It is hard not to become invested in the characters and the writers have an infuriating habit of leaving the seasons on a cliffhanger! If you’re into slightly creepy animes, you need to check this out!

6. Shetland – As I mentioned, I am a huge murder mystery fan and will watch pretty much any detective programme that comes onto the TV. ITV recently started a new season of Shetland. Based on the books by Ann Cleeves, the show follows a detective on a small Shetland island in Scotland. (I think, geography was never my strongest subject in school). I’m a big fan of Ann Cleeves, her stories always have a twist at the end that no one expects, so the shows based on her books are much the same. Another show I enjoyed based on her books is Vera. Very strong, well-written characters!

8. Not Going Out – I have loved this show since I was around 16. It started off as a comedy about a man who was in love with his flatmate. Well, that was a fair few years ago, now they’re married with kids but the show is just as funny. Starring comedians Lee Mack and Hugh Dennis, the stories are brilliant and I find myself in stitches every week! A lot of adult humour, so not something you want to watch as a family no matter how innocent it seems.

These are my favourite TV shows at the moment! What shows are you loving? Let me know in the comments!

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Love Ay x




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