BADIM 3: Songs I’ve Loved This Spring!

Hello Sweet Peas!

Welcome to day 4 of Blog A Day In May! For today’s post, I thought I’d share with you songs in my Spring 2018 playlist!

You can follow all my playlists on Spotify with the username MissAyBee. I make a new playlist every season of songs I either discover that month or that are newly released. Enjoy!

1. I Hate Love Songs – Kelsea Ballerini – I love, love, love this song! It often surprises people to learn I am not a romantic. Give me a good murder mystery over a romance novel any day. When it comes to relationships this song sums me up, which always makes me chuckle to myself when I listen to it. Plus it’s very catchy.

2. FRIENDS – Marshmello & Anne-Marie – Who can’t not like this song, it is so catchy and it’s a really good song to sing at the top of your lungs when you’re driving to work at six in the morning…or so I’ve heard.

3. Opps – Vince Staple & Yugen Blackrok – Yes, I have a very varied taste in music. I love this song, it’s a great song to run too…not that that’s what I do, but the base is great to keep you in a steady rhythm, should you choose to go running. This song is from Marvel’s Black Panther movie, which has been one of my favourite films this year. (Stay tuned for a post on this later this month).  My only confusion with this song is that it’s in a Marvel movie and yet it mentions Gotham City??? Someone didn’t brush up on their comics before writing a song for a movie. (BTW this video is super copyrighted, so there are NO videos on Youtube with the song on!)

4. Freaky Friday – Lil Dickey & Chris Brown. – This song is so much fun! I can’t say I liked it when I first heard it, I’m not the biggest Chris Brown fan, but after a few listens I was singing along and just had to add it to my playlist! It’s become a favourite to sing in the shower!

5. Tip-Toe- Jason Derulo.- OMG! This song makes my legs hurt! The first I heard this song was at dance class and we were doing squats! But despite my thighs burning, this song is one of my favourites! I have to hand it to Jason Derulo he can write a catchy song!

6. No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande. – I physically screamed when this song was released. I love Ariana, I played her Dangerous Woman album over and over again last year. This song is a little different from her other work but I really like it, and the video is so cool to watch! Can we also mention how lush her hair is in a low ponytail! I look like a founding father of America when I tie my hair like that!

7. In My Dreams – Christy Altomare – I really do have a varied taste in music. This song is from the Broadway show, Anastasia. The Fox movie, Anastasia was one of my favourites growing up, so it didn’t take me long to become obsessed with the new musical. And this song is my favourite.

8. 1,2,3 – Sofia Reyes & Jason Derulo – This is another song we used in dance class, but this one didn’t involve squats, so I feel I can enjoy it without muscle memory making my legs bend. And who doesn’t love a bit of Spanish…probably someone who speaks Spanish when they hear me attempt to sing it!

These are my favourite songs on my Spring 2018 playlist. To check out the rest of the playlist check out my Spotify; MissAyBee.

What songs have you been loving this Spring? Let me know in the comments?

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Love Ay xx





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