BADIM 2: Liverpool Travel Diary.

Hello Sweet Peas!

Welcome to day 2 of Blog A Day In May. Today’s post is going to be a travel diary. I don’t get to do these very often so I’m always excited when I can. (Mainly because it means I’ve been somewhere!).

If you’ve read some of my posts from 2016 you may already know that until about a year ago I lived in Liverpool, UK. And I’ve missed it every day since I moved back to my hometown. Earlier last month I was finally able to revisit the city, dragging my mate along for the ride. (I say drag, he was more excited than me).

Now, here is something you probably don’t know about me. I am terrified of trains, more specifically train stations. If the station is underground or an enclosed space…NOPE! But that was exactly how we were getting to Liverpool. Our first station was ok, but our connecting station was huge and under the city. I won’t lie, I clung to the back of my mate’s jacket. Not sure if he didn’t notice or was being nice by not mentioning it.

So I survived the stations, then I had a new problem. I was desperate for a pee. The kind of desperate where it is physically painful. I knew there must be a loo because my mate had just walked in on some poor chap earlier on the journey. But finding it required standing up on a moving vehicle. It got to a point I couldn’t hold it anymore so I forced myself to stumble down the carriage to find the toilet. I found it but when I tried the door it wouldn’t open. Figuring someone was in there I waited…and waited…and waited. After a while, I started reading the posters on the walls, as you do. There was a sign on the toilet door that read; ‘Door controls’ and an arrow.

Door controls? Sure enough to the side of the door there was a panel with two buttons to open and close. There was also a little light to show when it was occupied. It was empty. There was a guy sat to the side who had been watching me the whole time I was stood around waiting. He looked at me and said, ‘You’ve got to push the button, love.’ Would have been nice to know ten minutes ago!

We got to Liverpool and headed to our hotel, which was a little further out than we thought and in a part of the city I’d never ventured. Thank God for Google maps. After we checked in we headed back into town and did a little shopping. Did you know you can tell a pair of jeans will fit if you can wrap them around your neck and touch the ends together? I still think it’s bollocks but according to my mate, it’s true. This being said, my new jeans do fit lovely.

That evening we went to the Empire Theatre and saw an interpretation of Cinderella, set in World War 2. I will admit it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. For a start, the play had no speech and the story was portrayed through physical theatre and dance. It was fantastic, every member of the cast moved with such grace and purpose. It made me wish I was up there with them. Then again, during my trip, I managed to aggravate a decade old foot injury from my time in the arts, so maybe dancing is not the best idea for me.

Photo 21-04-2018, 14 20 46_preview.jpg

On our second day, we did a bit of sightseeing. Even though I lived in the city for three years, I never really did the tourist activities. We went to explore the Albert Docks and my companion was very patient with me while I stopped every five minutes to take pictures.  We went around the Tate, all the while deciding which of the artwork looked like it could have been created on Microsoft Paint. We then walked around the museum over by St Georges Hall. It is huge, with five floors, each with a different topic including an aquarium, fossils, ancient Egypt, time and space. And best of all it is completely free to look around.


For lunch, I took my travel companion to Yo Sushi since he has never tried sushi! Thankfully it lived up to the hype I had given it and he enjoyed his food. And I thoroughly enjoyed watching him try to use chopsticks.

For our final evening, we decided to stay in the room and order a takeaway since my foot made walking painful. It’s one of the things I miss about living in the city. Being able to order food on JustEat and have it appear at your door an hour later. Where I live now we only have one takeaway and they don’t deliver. It’s a small thing but its something that makes me nostalgic.

Before we caught our train home the next day, we went for breakfast at Hotel Chocolat and enjoyed some of their classic Hot Chocolate. It was delicious and the mugs were very unique as they didn’t have handles. I’d quite like to find some for my own kitchen!


We caught the train from Lime Street Station, just about managing to get seats together on the busy train. Trust us to book our trip the weekend of the Grand National. The whole trip was wonderful and it felt so lovely to be back in the city I once called home.

Have you ever been to Liverpool? What is your favourite thing about it? Let me know in the comments.

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