Olay Cleansing Cloths Review!

Happy Easter, Sweet Peas!

I’ve been at it again. I really need someone to take my credit card from me for certain periods of the week because I am a danger to myself and my bank balance. But I am not totally to blame…Youtube also plays a roll in my spending habits, more specifically Influencers. They don’t get that name for nothing and I have definitely been influenced!

I was recently watching a video created by Miss Remi Ashton, who is one of my latest vlogger obsessions (her energy is incredible!). She mentioned a new product in her video by Olay. Maybe she’s very good at her job, maybe I’m a bit of a sucker but I had to buy them and test them for myself!

Photo 30-03-2018, 19 40 54_preview

The products are these new makeup wipes that are meant to be different than your bog standard wipes. I personally don’t like to use makeup wipes and will often opt to use baby wipes instead as they are kinder on the skin. But no matter what type of wipe I use it is never the only product in my skincare routine because a wipe alone does not remove all the makeup. But these wipes claim to do it all and unlike other wipes, they don’t dry out over time because they are already dry.

Already dry! I hear you say. But wait for it because this is really clever! The wipes start off dry and when you use them you activate them by rubbing it underwater, letting it lather up before you wash your face with it. It is literally a makeup wipe and cleanser in one!

Photo 30-03-2018, 19 47 55_preview

The first time I used these wipes I was wearing a full face of makeup, foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick the whole gig. Usually, I would clear most of my makeup with a baby wipe before cleansing with a face wash and a spin brush if needed. But I decided to go straight in with this product, to really see how well it could clean my face.

To my absolute surprise, this wipe gets it all. I was able to remove all my makeup including my eye makeup with very little effort and my face felt squeaky clean afterwards! I do tend to double cleanse if I am at home, just to make sure my face is clean before going to bed. But if I’m away or in a rush for whatever reason, these have been an amazing time saver.

They take seconds to activate under the running water and unlike other makeup wipes, you don’t have to scrub your face for them to be effective. Gentle rubbing is enough to completely cleanse your face. The wipes also come in different formulas to be compatible with different skin types. I can’t really judge yet whether these are helping my breakouts because my acne is mainly caused by hormones and PCOS. But if all goes well I will let you all know with an updated skincare routine.

Photo 30-03-2018, 19 49 03_preview

There are 30 wipes in a packet, which is pretty much a months supply. They are currently around £5 in Superdrug. For a fiver a month, these are a great alternative for your normal face wash and makeup wipes. This being said, I haven’t been using them every day, only really using them on the days I wear makeup. Since the wipes are dry there is no fear of them drying out so I don’t feel a need to quickly use them up. However, just like cotton pads and other makeup wipes, once you’ve used them you throw them in the bin so they end up in the landfill. This is my only dislike about this product, but since I only wear makeup 2 or 3 times a week I don’t feel so bad about incorporating them into my routine alongside my reusable cotton pads which I use on my bare face days (I should do a post on these one day because they are fab!).

All told, I am in love with this product and will most definitely be repurchasing, especially since I have a lot of trips coming up! (First stop, Liverpool, UK!) These wipes will be lightweight to shove in my bag for train rides and handy to have rather than having to work out volumes of liquid to go on the plane.

Highly recommend!

Have you tried these wipes? What did you think? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below!

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