The Skinny Youtube Era.

Happy Saturday Sweet Peas.

I have been a huge lover of Youtube since 2007 when I first started watching Michelle Phan’s makeup tutorials. Since then I have gone through waves of vloggers, Bubzbeauty, Kandee Johnston, Charisma Star. These days I have been following influencers such as Merideth Foster, MylifeasEva and Teala Dunn and several others from this circle. But I have been noticing a trend for the past few months. All these girls, who were already pretty tiny to begin with, seem to be getting smaller.

It has recently been more obvious as the girls and many other well-known influencers travelled with Tarte Cosmetics to Bora Bora and have been posting a wave of pictures on social media. Most of these pictures showing the beautiful landscape and themselves in swimsuits.


Now, I vowed when I started this blog that I would never write or give advice about dieting, as I myself struggle with my diet. But I feel something needs to be said because at the end of the day, these women are influencers and they are influencing young girls to follow this unhealthy trend.

Each of these influencers are beautiful and their friendly personalities are what have made them so popular online. There has been a growing fitness fade spreading over the last few years but what started as green tea and sushi has become raw diets and gym obsessions.

Again, I want to point out that I’m not judging people on their lifestyles, everybody is different and everyone’s bodies need different things. But when you can see every rib on a girls body and her body is looking more bone than lean muscle, it starts raising the concern that something is going on.

All of the girls have stated that they are on healthy journey’s and have all posted content on their work out routines and diet plans, encouraging others to follow their lead. But at what point does it go beyond becoming healthy and turn into an obsession. Much like with the problems of photoshop, teenage girls will be looking to these young women as role models and will compare their own bodies with their favourite Youtube stars. And just like with photoshop, this comparison can be damaging to young impressionable teens.


Now, I can imagine a few of you have your back up reading this. You’re probably thinking, how can eating healthy and working out be bad for you? Well, just like with everything, too much of a good thing can be bad. We’ve all heard of anorexia and bulimia but not many people have heard of another eating disorder called Orthorexia, which in a nutshell is obsessive healthy eating.

I’m not saying any of these influencers have this condition, I have no right to make that call. But it is something to bear in mind. Especially considering how much pressure these women are under being constantly photographed and filmed and having their faces posted on social media, with so many people having an opinion on their appearance and judging them for not being perfect. The modelling industry has put restrictions on the weight of models. Perhaps Youtube should look into considering how healthy its ‘influencers’ are and how unintentionally damaging they might be to the people they are influencing? Not just for the well being of its viewers but also for the people who work tirelessly to make Youtube the huge platform it is.

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