People Are Marrying Themselves. Here’s Why!

Happy Saturday Sweet Peas!

You’ve probably read the title of this post and are currently thinking I’ve lost the plot. Well, I haven’t…I don’t think.

I came across this story when my mate tagged me in a post on Facebook. The story was about an Italian woman who had had a wedding so beautiful, it could have been out of a fairy tale, the only thing was, she didn’t have a prince (or even a princess) she was marrying herself.

Now your reaction is probably very similar to what mine was. WTF?

But having read into the story I actually think its a really neat idea! I will add before I get more into it that this ceremony holds no legal weight and is more of a statement than a legal ceremony.


Laura Mesi, a 40-year-old fitness instructor from Italy, was in a relationship for twelve years before it broke down and they went their separate ways. After spending over a decade with someone, you can imagine how devastating this must have been.

But rather than dwelling, Mesi picked herself back up and realised something that I think we need to teach kids from a young age.  You don’t need someone else to be happy.

‘I firmly believe that each of us must first of all love ourselves,’ says Mesi. ‘If one day I find a man whom I can plan a future I will be happy, but my happiness does not depend on him.’  (BBC News. 2017).

So she had a wedding day, her dad gave her away, she had bridesmaids, cake and even a first dance. From the pictures online it looked like a pretty amazing day dedicated to her self and her own happiness.

Women and men all over the world are marrying themselves! Not because they’re unstable or self-absorbed or anything like that, but to show themselves and others that they respect and love themselves!

People generally talk about being single as though it is a negative thing for someone to be. But the act of ‘Sologamy’ is a growing act of self-worth and respect. It is by no means an act of banishing all relationships, just the bad ones. It’s about realising that you don’t need anyone else to be happy and that you’re not going to get into a wrong relationship just to feel your fulfilling societies expectations.

‘Marrying yourself is a lifelong commitment to be responsible for your own happiness.’ (Sophie Turner -2017).


What do you think? Does showing yourself some self-love sound pretty neat, or does this whole thing sound bonkers? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below.

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Ay x

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