Sick Day Routine!

Happy Saturday, Sweet Peas!

We all hate being sick, it slows you down and can be a real pain in the butt. I’ve spent the last week in bed with a fever and throat infection. For days, it was about all I could do to stay awake and walk around.

But there is always a day after being ill where you wake up and blissfully you don’t feel quite so dead. Finally, you are on the mend! This is the day I break out my sick day routine. It’s a day I take for myself, to recharge and prepare myself for going back to work.

Here are a few of the things I like to do after a spout of sickness.

Step one: Clean everything – I am generally a pretty tidy person, but when I’m sick everything goes to hell. There are bottles and glasses of water everywhere. There is washing in the corner of the room that I’ve peeled off but been too tired to actually do anything about. And don’t get me started on the bedsheets. I like to stick some music on and give everything a once over, clear up the rubbish, put the washing near the washer, wipe down the surfaces. Most importantly, I strip the bed. Climbing into nice clean sheets after spending days in a disgusting heap (feeling just as disgusting yourself)  can be just the ticket to feeling yourself again. Plus, washing away those germs will make sure you don’t get sick again.

Step two: Stay nourished – Chances are if you’ve had a fever for the past few days you haven’t eaten a great deal. Make yourself a light meal of fruit or very plain, bland foods such as rice and start building up your strength again. As tempting as it might be to right in for some rich, tasty food, after days of not eating your body won’t be able to digest them very well. Stick to plain food for the day and work your way back up to what you would usually be eating. And remember to stay hydrated, your body has lost a lot of water from sweating out the fever. Be sure to replace it by drinking plenty of water.


Step three: refresh – Take some time to refresh yourself. Take a warm bath or shower to wash away the sweat and grime from your sickness. I myself prefer to have a bath, staying in bed for long periods of time plays havoc on my back, submerging myself under bubbles helps to relax my muscles.

Step four: Vitamins – After being sick your immune system is not at its best. Give it a boost by drinking vitamin juices, multivitamins or probiotics. These will help get our system back up and running and also help protect you from any other illnesses you might come into contact with.

Step five: Prepare – Unless it’s a weekend, chances are you have work to look forward to in the morning. Take some time to prepare for the day ahead, make your lunch, choose the clothes you want to wear. Set yourself up to have a good morning, so that your first day back can be as stress-free as possible.


Step six: Mindset – One of the things you should prepare before re-entering the world of the healthy is your mindset. Take some time to sit quietly, whether you meditate or just sit and breath. Take some time to get your thoughts in order so that you are ready to face the world in the morning.

Step seven: Dinner – After a day of getting yourself back together and taking it easy, make yourself a decent dinner with vegetables. Filling your stomach with some healthy food will help to get your digestive balance back on track so that you wake up in the morning back on track to your normal routine

Step eight: Early Night- Although you may have spent the last few days sleeping, you need to make sure you are getting your body clock back to normal so that you don’t wake up tired in the morning. Give yourself an early night, even if you don’t feel particularly tired. Even by heading to bed an hour earlier, you give yourself more chance of falling asleep at your usual time if not before. It may seem like you don’t need the sleep but your body will thank you in the morning.


Those are my tips for how I recover from a period of sickness. How do you like to pick yourself up after being sick? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below!

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Ay x

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