Why Don’t Womens Jeans Have Pockets?

Hello Sweet Peas!

Today I am going to be delving into the world of jeans, or more specifically their pockets, in the hope of answering the question women everywhere have been asking.

Where are our damn pockets?!

Ever notice how a guy can shove his whole hand into his pocket? How he can keep spare change, his phone, his wallet in those never-ending voids and yet we can’t even get all our fingers in ours!

How many pairs of jeans do you own that have FAKE POCKETS? I can bet its at least two!

Its a strange phenomenon in the female clothing world that has left us girls really confused. Why don’t designers give us decent pockets? Well, there are actually a few reasons and some of those reasons go back decades.

In the past (and I’m talking past past), men were worried that women would be able to conceal weapons on their person. They somewhat solved this problem by not allowing pockets on women’s clothing and instead making them carry around bags, again so that I was difficult for them to conceal things from men. And for some weird reason, this trend has not died.

Of course, if you ask a designer these days their answer isn’t going to be to make sure we aren’t hiding a pistol, their answer will more like this… In order to create a pocket, you have to have that loose bit of inner material. The bigger that piece of material the deeper the pocket. But, the more material there is the harder it is to hide. Men’s jeans tend to be a bit looser than women’s, so this pocket of material isn’t as obvious, meaning designers can get anyway with creating these deep wells of storage space. Whereas the female jeans are becoming tighter and tighter, meaning the material is harder to hide. To avoid the weird shapes and unflattering lumps of fabric around the crotch area they simply removed the excess fabric. No fabric, no funny lumps…unfortunately, this also mean no pockets. Makes sense right!


But there is a darker force at work, which is targeting women directly.

Think about it. You’re going out. You’ve got your phone, your purse, your lipstick. You don’t have any pockets, what do you do you with your stuff? You put it in your bag!

By not giving women pockets, the fashion industry is literally forcing the need for women to carry their possessions in a bag and guess what that means for them. £££$$$.

Not only do women have to spend a lot of money on a pair of jeans that have fake pockets (again, Why!),  a shirt which also has no pockets and a jacket (you guessed it, little to no pockets). They then have to go and spend more money on a hefty bag that is awkward to carry around and hurts your shoulder which you spend half your life searching through to find anything!


Photographer and author Elizabeth May took to Twitter to explain the full history of female pockets, she tweeted the historical reason behind why this sneaky trick of forcing women to buy purses is not a modern problem.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 22.39.55

So what can we do about this problem? For imediate effect, not a lot. The trend of women’s pockets is pretty well woven into the fashion industry. But, by making our discontent known, speaking up and demanding pockets will help. If enough people speak up, we will be heard.

It may seem like something small, I mean they’re just pockets. But it’s another small step to equality.

What are your thoughts on the fight for pockets? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below.

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