News Years Resolutions!

Welcome to the first official post of 2018! Seeing as it is the first post, I decided I would do a post on New Years Resolutions.

I personally hate New Years Resolutions. I see so many people on the first of January setting themselves goals such as, ‘I’m going to get in shape’, ‘I’m going to learn a new language’, ‘I’m going to find love.’

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I won’t lie and say I’ve not been guilty of this, trust me I have. But I came to the realisation that I never stick to my resolutions. Ever. I start off well, but by the end of January I’ve given up on learning Japanese or getting the perfect body or whatever it was I set myself up for that year. Any why? Because I didn’t really set myself up for it. I didn’t prepare.

My Uncle gave up smoking around ten years ago. At first, he tried to go cold turkey but it didn’t work. So, instead, he took it step by step and each day the new behaviours became a little easier because they were becoming habits. It’s the same principle with Resolutions, if you barrel into the new year with expectations that you’re suddenly going to be this person who goes to the gym every day (when you’ve never been before in your life) or that you’ll pick up a book on Russia on suddenly be fluent in Russian you’re going to be very discouraged and that’s why we give up.

Instead of false promises start your year with a plan. If you want to be healthier, rather than throwing out all your food and only eating kale, start by having water with your meals instead of fizzy drinks and slowly trade things in your lifestyle for healthy substitutes. You want to start working out? Rather than buy a gym membership and using it for a week, sign up for a class with a friend. By having that support and someone there to actually guide you through your work out, your going to feel more motivated because you’re not standing there wondering what the hell you’re going to do next. Once you start building up your fitness level, join something else or start taking the class more than once a week. Start small and build up, trust me you will stick with it a lot longer than just throwing yourself in there.

It’s the same with everything, decide what you want to do and start breaking it down. For example, I wanted to start designing now own clothes this year. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. So let’s break it down. To make clothes you have to be able to sew (I can’t), but before we even get to the physical clothes we have to design, so we’ll worry about the sewing later. To design you need to create mood boards and sketches, which means drawing. I can draw…a little, but I could definitely improve.  So I’ve broken it down from the major task of designing clothes to the smaller task of improving my drawing.

Can we break it down further? I think we can. How am I going to do it? I work a full-time job, plus writing a novel, plus running this blog so I’m not really made of spare time, so going to a physical class would be difficult. But I know that if I try following classes on Youtube or Pinterest I won’t do it. So what now?

Research! There is literally everything you could ever want on the internet, you just have to spend the time finding it. After a little research, I found a site called Udemy (not sponsored) which offers courses in literally anything you can think of, all taught by professionals in that field. I found a beginners art class and with the coupons, you can find all over the internet I was able to get a £115 course for £10. Because everything is online, I can take the lectures at my own pace and in my own time. But because you can actually talk to your lecturer and the other students on the course, I’m more likely to stick with it because I’m not alone.

So my first step is to complete this course, the next step will be to learn about creating clothes designs, then sewing and so on. By breaking things down you actually feel like your getting somewhere because you’re more likely to accomplish the smaller tasks than a huge one.

I hope this piece of advice will be helpful to some of you in the new year. Feel free to ask my any questions either in the comments, social media or click the contact me tab at the top of the blog.

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2018? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below!

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Ay x

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