Blogmas 23: My Christmas Eve Night Routine!

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually don’t enjoy Christmas Eve. Mainly because for the last few years I have had to work on Christmas Eve, so the daytime really isn’t that enjoyable for me. It’s when the sun goes down, that everything starts to feel Christmasy and the excitement starts. So in this blogmas post, I thought I would take you through my Christmas Eve night routine.

My evening starts with dinner, for the last few years, my family has gone to the same Indian Resturant to order takeaway. We sit around the dining table and have a meal together as a family. These days we are all so busy with our works and school that we don’t very often eat as a family, so this is a really nice change of routine.

After dinner, we all gather in the kitchen and start pealing and preparing the vegetables for Christmas dinner, placing them in large pots of water. I remember doing this even when I was really small, I would peal the sprouts and peel carrots with a really dull peeler. I remember I was so scared of pealing towards me because I thought I was going to cut myself.

Once all the veg is ready for the following day, we light the fire in the living room and all watch either a Christmas movie or a Christmas episode of one of our favourite shows. (Is anyone else dying to see this year Dr Who Christmas Special???) We all have a Christmas nightcap or in my brother’s case a J2O (He’s only 14). We will sit and enjoy some family time by the light of the fire.With the Christmas tree going a well it is so cosy!relaxing-1979674_640

At some point, I will take myself upstairs and run myself a bath. I am a huge lover of baths, but this is the bath I go all out on. I put in bubble bath, bath salts and a lush bath bomb! This year I have the Snow Fairy bath bomb and I am really looking forward to using it, the Snow Fairy scent is one of my Christmas favourites! For the last few years, I have put on some Vlogmas videos while I’ve been relaxing in the tub. For my favourite Vlogmas Channels this year, check out my blog post here.


Once I’ve finished with my bath it’s time for our first present. Ever since I can remember my mum has brought me and my siblings PJ’s to open on Christmas Eve (although originally it was Santa who brought them). I love the feeling of pulling on a new pair of PJ’s (its the same with new socks! Does anyone else love that feeling?) Last year I had a flannel bed shirt with Hogwarts logo on the pocket. I will be posting my new PJ’s on Instagram so make sure you’re following my social media, links are at the bottom of the post!

Of course, when we were younger, this would be when we would put out a plate of milk and cookies for Santa. Sadly, my sister and I are adults now and my brother is too old for Santa to be considered cool so we don’t do this anymore. But that doesn’t stop us eating the cookies ourselves (my sister makes amazing cookies).


We don’t tend to stay up late on Christmas Eve, although none of us believes in Santa anymore, my mum still goes through the routine of wrapping our presents and putting them in our stockings (how cute is she!) so we head up to bed and do our own thing, letting mum play Santa.

To be honest with you, since I’ve been working full time I am generally asleep by ten anyway so I’m out like a light. But when we were younger, I remember staying away for hours and hours straining my ears to try and hear Santa. I would probably fall asleep around eleven, which was late for a tiny tot, but then I would be awake again by two! My poor parents!

So that is my Christmas Eve night routine! What do you do on Christmas Eve? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below!

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Ay x

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