Blogmas 21: December Favourites!

Fun fact! I am currently writing this blog post with 7% battery because the power has gone out! My dog is currently sat under the piano because he doesn’t like the dark. And I have about 30 different candles burning right now!

So, without further ado, here are my favourite products from December!

Yankee Candle- Candy Cane Lane

Since I currently have so many of them burning I thought it apt to start with this product. I discovered this scent about 3 years ago when my boyfriend at the time brought me a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar (it was the one shaped like a house and it was amazing!). I fell in love with this scent and since then I have repurchased it every December. This being said, Yankee is no longer stocking it in their stores, so I have resorted to getting it online. I don’t know what I am going to do when they’ve all sold out! Any minty scents out there available in the UK? Please let me know!



Tanya Burr – Glitter

Again, this is something I received in an advent calendar. The 2016 Tanya Burr advent calendar to be exact. When December comes around, I make it my mission to wear glitter eye makeup every day and keep the spirit of Christmas going. This one just happens to be my favourite. I love rose gold and copper and with my gingery hair colour, it’s a colour that seems to suit me quite well (at least I think so).



Lindt – Lindor Milk Chocolate

If you haven’t already read my previous blog posts, I am lactose intolerant. Which sucks. And for the most part I do try to stay away from chocolate (which doesn’t always work), but when it comes to Lindt chocolate, I am powerless to resist! I love it! These are my favourite and lucky me, not only did I receive them as a secret Santa, but I also won a box at work AND my mum brought me a box as a thank you. So I am swimming in them! Bad for my health, good for my soul!


Necklace – Cancer

My last favourite (because I am dangerously low on battery now! 4%) is a necklace I recently purchased from New Look. I’ve always loved things with my star sign on and this simple pendant looks so classy and sweet. It simple enough that I can wear it every day but it also looks right at home with a nice outfit on a night out! You can’t go wrong with a little piece like this! And it only cost me £4!


Ahh 3%! These ar emy favourites for this month! What products have you been loving this December? Let me know in the comments or on social media, links are below!

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Ay x

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