Blogmas 17: My Favourite Things About Christmas!

Christmas is my favourite time of year. From the first of December to the 25th I am like a little child again. My family and I have so many traditions from food to decorations. Every day is filled with something that we only get to do this time of the year.

Lights – Call me a magpie, but I love sparkly things, glitter, tinsel, fairy lights. Walking through the streets and seeing all the Christmas lights and all the holiday decorations in the shop windows put a huge smile on my face.

christmas dec

Food – There are so many tasty treats on the shelves this time of year. My mum doesn’t generally let us start on all the treats, such as pickled eggs, Cheeselets, nuts, chocolates, etc until at least the 20th December. Christmas day is also the one day of the year I will eat meat. Check out my Blogmas post here to find out why. 

Gifts – When I was a kid I always loved receiving presents, what kid doesn’t. But now that I am an adult I really love to give gifts. I love to really think about what meaningful presents I can give my friends and family. This year I bought one of my best friends the best present ever! We sit together at work and watch the seagulls that perch on the building next door. He jokingly said to me, ‘Ay, if I have you for secret Santa, I’m going to get you a stuffed seagull.’ (We have a weird friendship). The joke was on him because I DID have him for secret Santa, so I brought him a seagull puppet (stuffed seagull!) which is now perched on his computer monitor. It was very amusing. (Shout out to you Yahya, the one person I know reads this blog!)  I love moments like this though, its a chance to show people in your life you really care.

Family – I think I mentioned in a previous blogmas post, but my family lives pretty much in the same county, so we don’t have to travel far to see them. But Christmas is the one time of year we all get together. This year I have been reminded several times that life is fleeting and time is precious. So time with your family should be cherished.

Nights in – I’ve always been more of a stay in and watch a film girl more than a go out and party person. But I’m even worse at Christmas. When the decorations are up and the lights are on, the house looks so cosy. When the fireplace is lite and there’s a Christmas film on the TV, that’s it, I am not moving for the rest of the night.


Music – When I was little my mum told me that it was bad luck to listen to Christmas music unless it was December. Ever since then I have refused to start the Christmas tunes until the 1st December…literally, midnight December 1st the tunes start (I drove my housemate nuts for three years when I lived with her). One December is here, the Christmas music is playing at every opportunity. I love it!

Traditions – We all have our family Christmas traditions, special routines we do every year. These are one of my favourite things about Christmas because it sparks memories of previous Christmas’s and reminds me to be thankful for what I have and what I have managed to achieve that year. Check out my blogmas post on my Christmas Traditions here.

These are my favourite things about Christmas. What do you love about the holidays? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below.

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Ay x

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