Blogmas 15: Quick Wrapping Guide

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you’ll know I did a Christmas Gift Guide with UnCommonGoods back in October, a bit keen I know. If you haven’t seen it then I will link it here.

But today’s post is going to be all about ways you can wrap your gifts quickly!

Since becoming an adult I have gained a new appreciation for how much time my mum must have spent wrapping Christmas presents. I have two siblings and each of us always has a sack of presents from Santa every year, plus the presents from our parents, then there were all the other presents to family members which my mum always wrapped because we were all too young. All told, mum must have wrapped hundreds of presents every year. I struggle to find time to wrap my 20.

And families are forever growing. This year I have gained a new nephew, my sister’s boyfriend has moved in with us and my cousin has moved in with his girlfriend. That’s three more presents to add to the list! With a full-time job, it’s hard to find the time. But, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make wrapping as painless as possible.

Set the mood – First things first, you have to get in the mood to wrap, otherwise, it just seems to go on forever. Put some comfy clothes on, tune your favourite Christmas tracks up and get yourself a festive drink. Down to business!


Large Presents – Every so often we end up giving gifts which turn out bigger than expected. This year we brought my nan a garden bench. As you can imagine, it huge! It will take ages to wrap right? Wrong! We bought a large glittery bow from a card shop and have stuck it on. It still looks like you’ve put some thought into it, without wasting tones of paper and spending the time you don’t have trying to work out how to get the paper round each leg!

Small gifts…lots of them – I find, especially with younger family members, I end up getting them lots of little things rather than one big thing. Then there is the decision whether or no to wrap every single one. Most years I generally do, because let’s face it, kids love unwrapping presents. But this year, since my brother is a little bit older, I’ve brought him lots of little presents but rather than wrapping each one individually, I’ve put them all in a box and I’ve wrapped the box. (GlossyBox’s are great for regifting!) Simple!

No sticky tape – No, I’m not talking about Smithy’s amazing idea of wrapping Christmas presents in tin foil…although that really does work. No, if you don’t really fancy getting sticky with the tape, get yourself a nice gift bag and a bunch of tissue paper from the party shop. Crumple some of the paper up, put it in the bag along with your present, crumple some more and put that on top. Boom! Wrapped.


Get rustic – My sister had this idea last year. Rather than wrapping up her presents she brought rustic looking sacks, put the present inside and tied the top with string. They looked really good and it took her the whole of 5 minutes to do the whole family. The bags are pretty cheap as well if you shop around!

Of course, the alternative is to embrace the festive season and take pride in your wrapping. I get really into it, with ribbons and bows and all sorts. But if you need to do it quickly, these are my tips.

How do you wrap your presents? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below.

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Ay x

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