Blogmas 13: Christmas Traditions.

We all have different traditions within our families. Many of them depend on your religion, your country and individuals. I always find it so interesting to learn about peoples family traditions. Since becoming friends with people from the states I’ve realised how huge Thanks Giving traditions are. Here in the UK, we don’t have Thanks Giving but we love Christmas!

Christmas has always been a really big holiday in my family. My mum does the holiday very well and as a family, we have a lot of traditions. As this is Blogmas, I thought I would share some of them in this post.

Christmas Movies – We have a selection of movies which we watch every year as a family. These include the Santa Clause, Home Alone, Love Actually and A Christmas Carol. We sit together in front of the fire as a family in the evenings and watch these when we are all together.


Family Visits – Every Christmas we make the rounds visiting family members who live farther away from me. We exchange gifts and spend a few hours in each others company. I enjoy these days, for me, Christmas is all about family.

Stockings – For the last few years, my siblings and I have put together Christmas stocking for our parents. The first year we did this remains one of my favourite memories. My mum has been making us stockings for as long as I can remember, even after we grew out of Father Christmas. My siblings and I managed to keep their stocking a secret until Christmas morning. After we had finished unwrapping our presents, we brought out there’s. They were so surprised and happy. That was the first year I learnt how good it feels to give gifts as well as receive.


Christmas eve – Christmas eve is pretty standard during the day, in fact, I’ve worked the last 5 Christmas eves. But in the evenings I do the same thing every year. I help my mum peal and cut the vegetables for the next day, I take a warm bubble bath with a bath bomb and I pull on some new PJ’s which my mum buys us every year. This is the point I really start to feel in the Christmas spirit. Yes, I am 23 and yes, I still struggle to sleep on Christmas eve!

Presents – We don’t open all our presents in the morning. I didn’t realise this was something most people didn’t do until I went to University. We open our stocking presents when we wake up and then stagger the presents under the tree throughout the day. It makes the day last longer and means the whole day is full and happy. I much prefer doing it this way and couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

Dog Walk – Every Christmas morning we take our dogs for a walk up the fields. It generally quite as most people are opening their presents early in the morning. It is a nice, calming way to start the day.


These are some of my family traditions at Christmas. I hope you enjoyed this post.

What are some of your traditions? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below!

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Ay x

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