Blogmas 12: Snow Day!

Here in England, we don’t see snow very often. We get the occasional bit of sleet, but most of the time it just rains. But, the thing about where I live is if it does happen to snow, it doesn’t stop. Which is pretty much what happened this weekend. Saturday night a small fluffy of snow began to fall, when I got up on Sunday morning the world was white and it was still snowing. It continued to snow throughout Sunday and when I got up Monday morning at six in the morning, I took a stroll up the drive to see how bad the ice was and it was still snowing very lightly. Needless to say, my driveway was perilous from all the ice and snow so I scuttled back to bed to warm my toes back to life.

I am fully aware that I am 23 years old and that I am an adult with adult responsibilities. But there is something about the snow that brings out my inner child. And after a difficult weekend of family problems, it was quite nice to just sit, watching the snow wrapped up in bed…well it was until the power went out and the heating turned off. Then it was cold, very cold.

Thankfully, I am currently back living with my parents and not in my old Liverpool flat. My parents have a wood-burner in the living room, so we huddled together, boiling a pot of water over the fire, all of us desperate for a cup of tea. (What? we’re British, tea is like heroin!).


Here are a few things I like to do on snow days.

Wrap up warm – I have a fetish for blankets. You can never have enough blankets. When it’s cold outside, I like to wrap up in warm woolly socks, hoodies and a blanket. Wrapped up like a burrito on the sofa is one of my favourite places to be.

Hot Chocolate – Christmas time is the only time of the year I really like to drink hot chocolate. But there is something about drinking a chocolate with marshmallows whilst watching snow fall outside. It feels so festive and magical.

Have a movie day – As much as snow is beautiful, it’s really hard to stay out in it for long periods of time. So I generally have films days with my family. As I am writing this I’m watching Finding Dory with my mum and sister. It really is an adorable movie. Our lives have become so busy, so when the snow brings the world to a stop, it’s nice to take advantage and slow down and do nothing.

Go for a walk – As I said in the previous point, I like to stay nice and warm when its cold outside, but I also love to enjoy the snow while its around. Plus, my two dogs absolutely love the snow and they were so excited to go for a walk. Is there anything better than being the first to walk on freshly fallen snow?

Take Pictures – Snow is so beautiful and it doesn’t come that often, so when it does I make sure to take lots of pictures. Here are some of my pictures I took while out walking this afternoon.







What do you like to do on a snow day? Let me know in the comments or on social media, links are below!

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Ay x

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