Blogmas 11: Zoella Handcream Review!

I was a massive fan of her Gingerbread hand cream last year and I’m really sad that I am coming to the end of the tube! But it has lasted me all year and I have loved it so much, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to purchase this years scent!

As with last year, the packaging is gorgeous! I didn’t want to throw the box away it was so pretty (well recycle- gotta do our part to save our beautiful planet). The colour scheme of golds and white feels so Christmasy and looks so elegant and festive sat on my vanity! (My other hand cream is currently in my drawer at work, you can never have enough hand cream).

I said this about the last edition and I will say it again. I LOVE the consistency of this cream. Sometimes you can get hand creams that leave your hands feeling almost wet because their consistency is so watery. Zoella’s hand cream feels luxurious and thick, making your hands feel hydrated but also dries super fast so you don’t feel like you have to wipe your hands on your jeans before you use your hands again.

I will admit, I wasn’t crazy about the smell when I first purchased this. I think I was so in love with the gingerbread scent from last year that I had a hard time letting go. But after living with the smell for a few days it has grown on me. It smells so fresh and clean which is perfect as it is called Winter Wonder Hand. As weird as it sounds, it really does remind me of snow!  Maybe that’s just some great advertising on the Zoella Beauty Team’s part!

Lastly, the price. I am the type of person whose hands dry up in winter to the point they sometimes bleed (TMI I know sorry), but that does mean I am willing to fork out quite a lot for a decent hand cream. But, I feel with Winter Wonder Hand, I get that luxurious hydrating cream to help with my dry hands but for, actually, not a huge price. It is currently selling in Superdrug (for my UK readers) for £4. I have been known to pay triple that amount for a decent hand cream! And as I said earlier, one tube will last me pretty much all year, (I have very small hands).


Would I recommend this product? Hell yeah! Some of Zoella’s products I have been a little on the fence with. Such as the advent calendar which she released this year and caused the western world to explode in anger. But, this hand cream I am 100% behind! I only have nice things to say about it!

Have you tried this hand cream? What did you think? Let me know in the comments or on social media, links are below.

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Ay x

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