Blogmas 10: Why I Eat Meat At Chrismas!

I can hear the confused thoughts already. But I will explain as well as can.

By the way. If you get offended by people eating meat, you might want to leave now. This blog is a no judgement area. I do not allow negativity in my comments section, so please be considerate when commenting on this post or to anyone else’s comments. My diet is mainly due to my health conditions and is my own choice. With that being said, let’s carry on.


My weird diet is a huge part of my life. Basically, I am a vegetarian. Well, a pescetarian (I still eat fish). I’ve been a veggie/pessci for the last 2 years. I originally stopped eating red and white meat to help with my PCOS (which it has made a big difference), but I am also lactose intolerant (also thanks to PCOS) and very mildly gluten intolerant. All told, I am generally very careful about what I eat.

But, it’s not easy. When I first stopped eating meat I went cold turkey (pun definitely intended). It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be but after a while, the smell of bacon sandwiches was making my mouth water.

When Christmas day came around I realised very quickly that my new diet was going to be a problem. Everything on my families Christmas dinner table had meat on; pigs in blankets, goose fat potatoes, turkey, meat stock gravy. There was literally no escaping it.

So I made a deal with myself. If I can make it through the entire year eating no red or white meat (and avoiding dairy as much as possible) then I would allow myself Christmas Day to eat whatever I want. Yes, that includes the chocolate cake and ice cream which makes me incredibly ill but is worth it!

It is also meant I was making my mum’s day a lot easier. She works so hard to put on the most amazing spread every year, so for her to have to suddenly think about doing food that I could eat, so an extra stress I did not want to put on her.

So by eating meat for 24 hours once a year, I feel able to avoid it for the rest of the year. I like to think that’s a pretty fair deal. As much as it’s not the reason why I am veggie, I am very much pro-animal rights. I don’t disagree with eating meat, because we are carnivores, and killing for food is a part of nature but I don’t really like how we have turned this element of nature into a business. It’s one of the reasons I still eat fish because they are free in the ocean and have a chance at life. That’s how I feel about it anyway.

So that is the reason why I eat meat on Christmas Day!

What is your favourite thing to eat on Christmas Day? Let me know in the comments or on social media, links are below!

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Ay x

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