Blogmas 5: Favourite Vlogmas Channels!

I am a huge Youtube addict. I enjoy watching videos, filming videos, sharing videos. I think my mum hoped it was a phase…ten years later, I’m still addicted. Although the videos I watch has changed over the years. Originally I watched anime shows, I was convinced I could learn Japanese from watching anime shows…don’t judge me, I was twelve! I then moved on to makeup tutorials, Michelle Phan, Bubzbeauty etc. These days, as much as I still enjoy watching makeup videos, the main staple on my watch later folder are vlogs.

And of course, the best time of year to watch vlogs in December! Whoever thought of Vlogmas needs a medal! I love watching how different people from different backgrounds and countries celebrate and get ready for the holidays.

This post is to show you my favourite Vlogmas channels this year. Obviously, there are hundreds of great channels, but I am only one girl so I can’t watch them all. These are the ones I have been watching over the last few days and have been enjoying!


Is it even Christmas if Zoella doesn’t do Vlogmas? If you are a fan of vlogs on the longer side, then Zoe’s vlogs are for you, they are more like episodes! I’ll be honest because they are so long I tend not to watch every single day. But I enjoy curling up on my sofa with a cup of hot chocolate on a Sunday morning and watch a few ‘episodes’. Watching Zoella really gets me in a festive mood, her festive cheer is infectious and its impossible not to watch with a smile on your face. Plus! Nala is adorable!

Mia Stammer

Mia, or MammaMiaMakeup, is adorable! She is bubbly and funny which makes her videos really enjoyable to watch. I’ve never watched her channel for Vlogmas, but this year I am really enjoying the vlogs because she is moving house so there is some really interesting footage. I’m a bit of a creep, I really curious about what the inside of peoples houses looks like…what, I’m really into interior design! And then there is also the fact I friggin love Corgi’s and Ken is goals!

Merideth Foster

There has been a lot of gossip going on with Merideth, regarding ‘The Savage’ and her weight. But I love her, I think she is beautiful and her vlogs are aesthetically pleasing. A fact that wasn’t that important to me until about a year ago. Youtube has ruined me. If you like cute, bubbly content then Foster is for you!

Aspyn and Parker

These two are a serious Youtube power couple. You can see how hard they work and it is really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a successful business. They have so much going on with their Youtube channels, their clothing store and other projects, so their vlogs are anything but boring. I always feel really motivated to work after watching them! I watched their Vlogmas year when they put up a vlog every weekday, this year they are doing one every day! Which mean there are going to be plenty of videos to watch.

Lizzie Velasquez 

I have so, so much love for this girl!  When she was a teenager, the internet cruelly named her the ‘Ugliest Woman in the World’. But Lizzie is beautiful inside and out. Her strength has always been inspiring to me and I have enjoyed following her journey for the last few years. Her vlogs aren’t very long, but they are cute and enjoyable to watch. I definitely recommend following Lizzie. Not just for Vlogmas, but in general. She will teach you to love yourself and find your own strength.

Niki Demar

I’ve only recently discovered Niki and her twin Gabi. When I first started watching I wasn’t sure if they were my cup of tea. At first glance, they do seem a little aloof. But, after watching for a while and when you get to know them, they are really sweet and fun to watch. As with other YouTubers, they have a lot of projects going on at the moment and they are travelling between LA and Pennsylvania, which means their vlogs are pretty interesting, plus their personalities make them different from other vloggers. I’m really enjoying watching their vlogmas.

Remi Cruz

It is impossible not to love Remi, she is so bubbly and lovely. Her videos are such incredible quality! She has been a serious inspiration for the last few months. She was determined to lose weight and my god! Guy! She looks incredible! If you want a vlog thats cute, good quality and just really easy to watch (like seriously, I sometimes watch ten in a row, even if I’ve seen them before), then Remi’s channel is for you!


And that’s a wrap! These are the vloggers I am watching this year. I’ll be honest, I have been watching Vlogmas while writing this, so this post has taken me at least double the time it normally takes me to write a post! But, I love vlogmas, so no regrets.

What vloggers have you been enjoying this December? Let me know it the comments or on social media, follow the links below!

I will be posting a blog post every day this month up until Christmas day! So click that follow button and become part of the family and stay tuned for Day 6 of Blogmas!

Ay x

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