Blogmas 4: Favourite Festive TV.

As well as Christmas songs, watching Christmas films and TV is one of my favourite pass times over the festive period.  I am very strict with my self over the course of the rest of the year, I won’t let myself watch any movies that are ‘Christmas film’, this makes December a really special month and watching the films really puts me in a Christmas mood!

This may sound strange or be an unpopular opinion, but I really don’t like the film ‘Elf.’ I just find it too cringy. But there are lots of other films I love. Here is a list of my favourite Christmas films

Santa Clause – This film is one of my absolute favourites and is generally the first film I watch when December comes around. There are three of these films in the collection, but I think that the first one is the best. Tim Allen is brilliant as Scott Calvin and some of the lines are so memorable. Last Christmas we counted how many times my mum quoted this movie throughout the day. 32 times. 32!

The Holiday – This technically isn’t a Christmas film, but it’s set around the Christmas period and watching really makes me feel festive. This all-star cast film is a really great love story and has a great mix of American and English culture. Plus, who can say no to Jude Law!

Mickeys Christmas Carol – Please don’t judge me! I have been watching this movie every year since I was small. I even managed to get my room to watch it with me every year while I was living with her. Growing up, Christmas was always a really magical time for me, so this cartoon takes me back and brings that magical feeling of Christmas which you can lose with the stress of adult life.

A Christmas Carole –  Disney had a serious win with this movie! The animation is fantastic and it perfectly captures the magic of this classic tale. Jim Carrey, who voices the main character of this film, really brings Ebenezer Scrooge to life.

Home Alone (1&2) – Is it even really Christmas if you don’t watch Home Alone? This is one of the only movies which I like both the first and second instalment equally. I just think the jokes never get old, and it is another film which gets quotes quite a lot in my household. My favourite part of each movie has to be when Harry and Marv are getting the asses kicked by Kevin. It has me crying with laughter every year and Christmas is not complete without watching Home Alone! But, let’s not talk about Home Alone 3….let’s leave the movie in the box along with George Clooney’s Batman and The Last Air Bender.

Gavin and Stacey – Christmas Special

I’m not sure if Gavin and Stacey is really a thing outside of the UK, but the Christmas special is something I watch every year, even though it was originally aired….too many years ago. The opening with James Cordon singing Band Air really gets me in the festive mood! (Fun fact, its only recently my sister has learnt the lyrics to Do They Know It’s Christmas, for years she was singing ‘Weed the world.’Nope, we don’t know why either.) If you’ve never seen the show, you probably won’t really understand or enjoy this episode, but my favourite line will forever be, ‘To be honest with you Gwen, I’m absolutely twated.’

These are some of my favourite things to watch over the Christmas period. I do of course watch the yearly Christmas specials, but these are the things I watch every year, without fail. It is tradition!

What do you watch around Christmas? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below!

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Ay x

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