Unique Christmas Gift Guide!

I know, I used the C word in the first week of October but the Christmas countdown has begun, as has the search for the perfect Christmas present. And let’s face it, that can take months, especially buying for those few difficult people who seem to have everything and always want ‘nothing’. (I’m looking at you Dad!)

For the last few years, I found myself buying my loved ones the same type of thing every year. Bath stuff for mum, sweets for my brother, makeup for my sister and socks for my dad. But this year I wanted to shake things up and buy gifts that they will actually love! Which is why I was so pumped when UncommonGoods.com reached out to me and asked me to work with them! Their website is jam pack full of unique gifts for every person in your life from your significant other to your Grandma. And there is a gift for every occasion, whether you want a sentimental gift, a joke present, or something that is just really personal and thoughtful. UncommonGoods has you covered and they ship internationally.

UncommonGoods is a company that has worked tirelessly over the last few years to create a business that, not only supplies great products but also works sustainably with the planet and minimises its impact on the environment. They work with their artists to use recyclable or sustainable materials wherever possible and they use environmentally friendlier packaging to ship their products. Plus! They offer their customers the opportunity to choose an organization or charity which they then donate $1 from every order. So not only are you purchasing a snazzy gift for your loved one, you’re also spreading the love to others.


But, I expect you’re wondering what type of things they actually sell! So here is my Christmas gift guide with UnCommonGoods.com.

1. Sentimental gifts.

I will openly admit that I am a sap. I love to buy gifts that I know are going to tug on someone’s heartstrings. (My sister and I once had a bet to see who could make our Mum cry on mothers day, we wrote her letters to say why we loved her…i won.)


UnCommonGoods has loads of different gifts which are extremely unique and can be personalised to say I love you in the most thoughtful of ways. My personal favourite is the ‘What I love about….’ books. These are little notebooks of 112 pages and are filled with little prompts that you can fill in, such as ‘I love it when you give me advice about….’ They sell different designs, with Mom, Dad, Sister etc on the front. I think this is a really cute idea and is something you can take time filling in and really show that you care.


2. Handy Gifts!

My next favourite from UnCommonGoods is something I will be purchasing for my brother. If I had a dollar for every time this kid loses his keys I would be able to buy the car! Alas, this is not the case. But what I can get him is a Bluetooth Tracking Tag for his keys.  25951_1_1200pxThis stylish looking keyring links to an app on your iPhone (sorry android lovers) so that if you lose your keys your phone can find them. AND! It works the other way too, if you’ve lost your phone, you can use your keys to find it! How cool is that! This is the perfect gift for anyone, but if you’re like me and find the teens in your life especially hard to buy for, UncommonGoods has an array of different products like this which make the perfect gifts for teenagers!

3. Gifts for kids.

I personally don’t have kids, but the number of my friends who do seems to be growing by the day! This means I’ve suddenly got to think about finding gifts for children. But a problem I’ve found is that I have no idea what these kids have already got? I see a nice train set in ToysRus…does Timmy already have a train set? What about a Barbie for Chloe, which Barbie? 23497_1_640pxHoly Moly, why are there so many Barbies! I never realised how stressful present buying was for children. Thankfully, with the unique products available on UncommonGoods there is a pretty high chance you’ll be gifting them something that’s special and will make you the best Auntie ever. My personal favourite has to be the personalisable bedtime stories. I would have loved to have had a book like this growing up, where the main character has my name. Suddenly that story is not just a bedtime story, it’s their bedtime story which makes it even more special. There are so many stories to choose from, all of which are beautifully illustrated. To see for yourself check out their collection of gifts for kids.

4. Funny Gifts.

23601_1_1200pxAside from sentimental gifts, my other favourite present to give is a funny one, a gift that plays on an inside joke between the two of you. For example, my cousin has a beard, its a very small beard but he is very proud of it. I think it looks awful (its ok, he knows this). So for Christmas, I brought him a beard grooming set with a note saying ‘Beardcuz You’re Worth It’. This backfired on me, as he actually uses the products, but at least his beard is now neatly groomed. But anyway! When it comes to inside jokes, UncommonGood seems to be in on it too, as their range of funny gifts is incredible. There is literally something for everyone, from extravagant gifts to small funny stocking stuffers. The Bathroom Guest Book is one of my favourite finds. This little book is a funny item to keep in your bathroom to make your guests smile when they use the facilities.

5. Things you didn’t know you needed.

Have you ever received a gift that seemed really weird at the time but actually it makes your life so much easier and you use it all the time? I love those types of gifts because they’re not generally the type of things you would buy for yourself so you get to explore lots of different products.40804_1_1200px UncommonGoods are great for this, they have some weird and wonderful random products that are perfect for Christmas presents if you don’t know what to get someone. My favourite from this section has to be this avocado tree starter kit. Random yes, but I feel like I really need it in my life. Avocados are a staple in my diet so I throw away a lot of avocado seeds, which makes this a perfect project for me. (Comment below if you understand where I am coming from!)

So this was my unique Christmas gift guide! I hope I’ve inspired you or given you some ideas of what to get your loved ones this Christmas!

A huge thank you to UncommonGoods.com for reaching out and working on this post with me. Be sure to follow the links throughout the post to check out the huge range available on their site!

Have you checked out UncommonGoods? What was your favourite product? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below.

Ay x

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