I cancelled my Birch Box! Here’s why!

For the last few months I have been obsessed with my BirchBox subscription! I had waited so long (six years to be exact) to no longer be a student and to have the money to sign up to a subscription box. The second my first pay check was in my bank, I had been online to sign up to what I had heard was the UK’s ‘number one’ subscription beauty box.

To be fair, the boxes were beautiful and so exciting to recieve. The products were cute and travelled sized (beacause samples were what you get in a subscription right?) . In my first box I recieved a hair mask, Benefit mascara, face wash, eyeshadow and a Spectrum brush. I was over the moon. And in June, there was a beautiful makeup bag and lots of summer goodies, then in July there was another beautiful box but this month some of the products looked like i could go up to a counter in Debenhams and get as a free sample. They were tiny.

But I remain unfazed. This was what subscription boxes were about. Right? WRONG! I confided in my friend at work that I had been a little disappointed with my BirchBox this month and she was shocked. Why are you getting Birch Box? She asked. Take a look at Glossy Box!

Despite her enthusiasm I was unconvinced. One of the main reasons I loved Birch Box was because it was the cheapest Sub Box i had found. I may not be a student any more but I wasn’t rolling around in cash! But i researched it all the same and to my suprise, Glossy Box was a pound extra. A pound, bear that in mine as you read the rest of this post.

So, I decided the only way forward was to compare, when my August Birch Box came I didn’t open it, instead waiting for my Glossy box to also arrive. Well, the comparison was laughable! 30mg vs 100mg!


The Glossy Box came in gorgeous packaging, the box was sturdy like a shoe box (perfect for regifting), inside the box the products were nestled in paper strings, wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a bow! (Meanwhile the products in the Birch Box were shoved in the box.) Inside the products literally made my mouth drop, its true you can ask my mum! They were pretty much all fullsized products. There was only one which was a sample, which was a hair mask. Here i a comparison of a Birch Box hair mask sample and a Glossy Box hair mask sample. (Laughable, right?) Remember, this box is only a pound more expensive than BirchBox!

Not only were they fullsized, but they were good quality products that I now use on a daily basis! For example, the Mixa restoring Body Lotion has saved my skin. Its creamy and norishing and smells great, and its a full sized bottle so will last me months. Also in the box was a fixing face mist by SportFX, this spray on primer is so good I was staring at my face in the mirror whilst in the lift leaving work today. I couldn’t get over how well my makeup was staying on my face when usually by the end of the day its all sliding around everywhere.

Other products included, a bronzer from Model Launcher, a hair mask from Valquer and a lipstick from Rodial, which is the perfect shade for autumn. Did i mention they were FULL SIZED.

Honestly it was a no brainer, I cancelled my Birch Box then and there, when they asked me my reason for cancelling my answer was simple. You need to up your game! Glossy Box are running rings around you!

So if you’re currently getting a Birch Box and you’re disappointed each month by the products, then maybe take a peak at Glossy Box!

Which subscription box is your favourite? Let me know in the comments or on social media, links are below.

Ay x

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