Fiction Free Shaving Review!

Before I start, I will answer the obvious question. Yes, yes I am addicted to subscription boxes! But seriously, is this not the most amazing idea for a subscription box?! Who wouldn’t want to have 4 brand new, decent quality razor blades delivered to your door every month for only £5! £5!!!! Plus if you use the code AWS0OB at check out you get get 25% off your first order!


If you’re anything like me, and I know some of you are (holla to the PCOS squad!) then razor blades are a serious pain in the butt…or legs. I am constantly caught between needing a lot of blades but not wanting to spend a small fortune on the resusable blades. So i end up buying the bags of disposable ones and using three per leg because they just can’t keep up! And then there’s the next problem, I get in the shower, reach for my razor and realise that I am out of razors! Gah!

So, lets welcome to the stage Friction Free Shaving! It works in a very simple way. You go onto their website (linked here!) and choose whether you want a three bladed razor, which is £5 a month or an five bladed razor for £8 per month. Both razors are seriously cute and great quality with the FFS logo on the bottom which makes it look extra fancy.


Then, you can add other bits to your order, such as shaving cream etc (but you dont have to) then you pay for your order and only your order, there is no post and packaging charge! After that, you wait and they deliever your razor and your first 4 blades to your door. After that, every month four blades (one for each week of the month) will be delieverd to you door.

What I love about this, is that it means I can use a new razor every week, without having to worry about forking out loads of money for a new set, because its already covered, AND FOR ONLY FIVE POUNDS! If you don’t shave, quite as often as I do then this subscription service is still great because it means you can still use a new razor ever week, or every two weeks, which is so much better for you skin rather than reusing the same razor for weeks at a time.

I would like the point out, I am by no means sponsered by FFS, I just can’t get over how amazing this service is! I recieved my razor last week and I had to shave then and there. One blade did my legs, thighs, under arms, bikini line, other random places (PCOS life) and thined out the hair on my arms before it dulled. Which is amazing, I usually use 3 or 4 disposable razors to cover that much skin (and I hadn’t shaved in a while because I kept forgetting to buy razors, see previous paragraph). The quality is really good, no razor rash and my legs didn’t look like i’d been attacked by Freddy Krueger!


All told, I am really happy with my FFS razor, so highly recommend! Have you tried Friction Free Shaving? Let me know in the comments or on social media, just follow the links below!

Ay x

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