Summer Skin Care!

I realised I haven’t posted a skin care post since the winter! And the change in weather means you need to treat your skin differently. If you’ve been breaking out all summer and you can’t figure out why it might be down to your skin care routine.

So here are my top tips for changing up your skin care through the hottest month of the summer (apprently the hottest).

Wear SPF – If you live in a hot climate then you should be wearing SPF all year round. However, if like me you live in a more varied climate such as the UK, then you can escape the need for most of the year but its important to wear it every day during the summer. Even on the days that don’t seem all that hot, the suns rays are still able to penetrate the skin and can caught damage! By making sure either your daily moisturiser or your foundation has SPF qualites, you wont have to worry about remembering to apply sunscreen every day. Of course if it is hot you need to remember to reapply sunscreen every four hours.   

Change Your Moisturizer – In the winter you skin is begging for thick, creamy body butters and lotions to heal the dry patches causd by changing temperatures. But the summer calls for a different approach. Change your moisurizer to a gel or other quick drying lotion, for example L’Oreals Hydra Genius. These are going to quickly lock in moisture and keep your skin supple without feeling heavy and sticky in the heat.


Drink up – Speaking of moisture, during the hotter months its even more important to make sure you are hydrated to keep your skin glowing from the inside! Keep a bottle of water filled up and handy all day long to make keeping yourself hydrated super easy and convinient.

Bronze Goddess – With so many tanning products out there, its super easy to look like a bronze goddess these days without putting your skin through the dangers of the sun. Which is great news if you happen to be pale and ginger like myself! My personal favourite at the moment in L’Oreal’s Sublime Tanning Gel.

Vitamin C – If however, you are a lover of the sun, make sure you refer to point one and invest in an SPF that also includes Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to block the suns rays that your SPF might miss. With both of them working together, your skin is well protected from the suns harm.

BB Cream – I don’t know about you, but I cannot wear foundation when it’s hot! It just seems to melt off my face, no matter how much i try to set it. So during the hotter months (or days if you’re in the UK) I like to which it up to a BB Cream. A mix of foundation, moisuriser and SPF, it has all bases covered and it has a dewy finish which looks much more natural in the summer. I’m currently loving the Rimmel BB Cream in Medium (as I have a little bit of tan from Lanzarote!)


Keep It Waterproof – I’m not the biggest fan of water proof mascara due to the effort it

takes to remove it at the end of the day. But if you’re going to be in a hot climate, lounging around a pool all day then it’s pretty much a nessesity. Even if you have no other makeup on, a quick coat of mascara can make you look a lot more put together, but we don’t want it running down our faces with the humidity and our sweat, so switch up your usual mascara for a waterproof, if only for the hotter days. My personal favourite at the moment is the They’re Real mascara and primer by Benefit. I don’t think this mascara is actually waterproof but due to the primer, this stuff goes nowhere after you’ve applied it! So it’s worth investing in the primer as well.


So those are my tips for how to take care of your skin this summer, even though the summer has pretty much been and gone here in the UK 😦

What are your favourite summer skin care products? Let me know in the comments or on social media, just follow the links below!

Stay safe in the sun!

Ay x

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