Magnetic Eyelashes?!

So here I was thinking I had come across some amazing new makeup product, but turns out these lashes have been avalible for awhile. But i hadn’t heard of them until I saw a video on Facebook, the other day. So, if like me, you’ve never heard of such a thing! Or if you have and want to know more, then keep reading.

My first reaction to this product was ‘surely not!’ closely followed by ‘do I really want magnets that close to my eyeball!’ But above all I was curious, and couldn’t get the thought of these lashes out of my mind. I needed to know more.

The company that created these lashes is called, One Two Cosmetics. The lashes come in a snazzy case and are reuseable. Oh, and did I mention they were also vegan and chemical free? Sounds great right? But how do you use these futuristic lashes.

Each eye has two lash strips that will stick together around your natural lash. You take the first strip and rest it on the top of your real lashes, then you take the second strip and hold it underneath your lash. The magnets in the lash strips will snap together, giving you lush lashes in second and without any messy glue.

I was literally bouncing in my seat, these sounded great! Where could I get myself some?!  But realing myself in, I continued to reseach and found a mixed bag of reviews. liked the lashes, stating they ‘felt like any standard glue-on set and looked impressively subtle.’ (, These Magnetic False Lashes Stay Put Without Any Glue.  June 2016). Although they take a lot of practise to get the hang of them, ultimately they save a lot of time and money since you don’t need glue and you can keep reusing them.

But there were many more reviews claiming that the lashes were not worth the hype. wrote in her review that the lashes were too straight. ‘They lay straight along my lash line, rather than following th enatural curve of my eyelid.’ The result? Sticky out lashes. Not a good look. ( Read This Before Shelling Out For Those Magnetic False Lashes. November 2016).

So are these lashes worth purchasing? Before making up your mind, here are some more pros and cons I have come across.


Ultimately they can save you a lot of money. If you’rethe type of person who goes through sets of falses and tubes of lash glue like water, then these lashes might be a good alternative. 

They are a lot quicker. Onces you’ve got the hang of how to apply them, you can apparently do it in seconds, as opossed to having to wait for the to become tacky, then holding them in place for 20 seconds and spending an eternity trying to get them in just the right place. Plus if they fall off, you can just put them back on, rather than walking around with half a lash hanging off your fae. (We’ve all been there.)

They’re better for the enviroment. Not that regular falsies are bad, but these lashes don’t get put in the bin so thats less to go to land fill. Plus they’re vegan so you knew theyre animal friendly.

Cons –

They’re expensive! At £70 a set, these lashes can leave your pocket feeling rather empty.

They’re not easy to adjust. Once they’re on, you have to be careful about how you adjust them later on in the day as you could easily smudge your makeup. A panda with eyelashes is still a panda. 

They don’t bend. As mentioned before, these lashes don’t bend so what you see is what you get. Depending on your eye shape, these lashes could end up looking very strange and far from natural.

They look cheap for the price. This is something I have read on a number of reviews. For £70, you would expect from fine looking lashes, but apparently this is not the case and upclose, these lashes can actually look pretty cheap. 

After doing my fair share of research I don’t think I will be purchasing these lashes, at least not at the moment. I don’t wear eyelashes enough to warrent spending as much as they are asking for and after reading the reviews, I would be worried that they are not all they are cracked up to be. If you’re thinking about purchasing these lashes, be sure to do your own research before hand.

Have you tried these lashes? What did you think? Let me know in the comments of on social media, follow the links below.


Ay x

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