How To Take Care of Your Nails.

In all honesty, I have never been the type of person to constantly have nice nails. I co through periods of having really long healthy nails and then in the next instant they’ve all chipped and broken. So I decided to ask a friend of mine you works in a nail salon whether there were things I could do to make my nails healthier. This is the list of tips she gave me.

1. Keep them moisturised.  I am pretty well known in my friend group for always having hand cream on me, no matter where we are. But, it’s not just important to keep your hands hydrated. When you apply cream to you hands, remember to also rub some of the product into your nails and cuticles to keep them hydrated too. One nail cause of your brittle nails could be because you nail beds are too dry.

2. Use a base coat. It’s common practice to apply a top coat after you have painted your nails to stop it chipping but by applying a top coat as well, no only does your nail polish last longer, it also protects your natural nail from becoming discoloured by the nail polish. Yellow nails are not attractive!


3. Stain Removal. If your nails are stained, an easy and natural way to remove them is to soak your nails in a bowl of warm lemon water for around ten minutes before patting them dry. Lemon is a natural cleaning and bleaching agent (which is why it also works well to remove hair dye.) It will soak into your nails, bleaching them back to a natural colour.

4. Cuticle Care. Your cuticles are there for a reason, they protect your nails from bacteria and infection, so don’t be tempted to cut them. Instead, moisten them with oil or warm water and gently push them down with a cuticle tool.

5. Don’t Bite Your Nails. This one sounds pretty obvious, but you will be surprised how many people do it without realising. My housemate used to bite her nails when concentrating. I used to kick her in lectures because I could hear her nibbling away at her fingers. When you bite your nails, not only does it look gross, but the bacteria from your mouth is transferred to your nail beds which increase the risk of infection. Infected pinkies are no laughing matter. Ouch! There are some great ways to beat this habit, for instance, the nail polish that tastes sour. Do some research and try out a few methods, your nails will thank you!


6. File Correctly. When filing your nails, aways move your file board from the outside of the nail in.Don’t just saw it back and forth, this will weaken and eventually split your nails. If your not sure what your doing, check out some videos on Youtube to see exactly how to file your claws.

7. Use Acetone-free Polish Remover. Acetone is great for quickly removing unwanted nail polish, but it is really harsh on your nails and can weaken them over time. Instead, opt for an acetone-free remover, they do the job just as well and are often combined with essential oils to help care for your nails.

8. Check For Abnormalities. Have you notices weird little white spots on your nails? Chances are they are air trapped under the nail. But, if you have a lot of them, or if you get them frequently they could be a sign that your body is deficient in something. I had these weird spots on my nails and it turns out I was calcium deficient due to my lactose intolerance. Your nails might be telling you something, so be sure to listen to them, and go see your doctor if you see something you think is weird.

9. Keep Them Trimmed. Long nails are all the rage right now, but it is definitely better your have short healthy nails than long, stained, brittle ones. Keep your nails healthy by trimming them regularly, just like you would your hair.

10. Eat Clean. Just like with your skin, your nails reflect how healthy you are on the inside. Eat clean and drink plenty of water to keep your body healthy and your nails will follow suit.


I hope these tips were helpful. These days I am trying to be a lot more mindful about my own nails. For more posts like this, don’t forget to follow my blog for a new update every Friday.

Do you have a nail care routine? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below.

Ay x

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One thought on “How To Take Care of Your Nails.

  1. The only thing I disagree here is “stain removing “. It damages nail fibers and may lead cracks in the future. But if your nails are strong enough maybe the damage is not visible ?


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