My June Birch Box 2017!

It’s that time again! I am really enjoying receiving my Birch Box packages and June’s box is extra special! I was really surprised to find not a box, but a bag! Much like Michelle 20170606_112736-01.jpeg
Phan’s Ipsy Glam Bags, this months product came in a beautiful Brighton themed makeup bag. The quality is fantastic, on the high street I would pay good money for a bag such as this. It was a lovely surprise.

The products have also gotten me excited this month, a few of them have gone straight into my travel bag because they are perfect to take with you on holiday. This being said, two of this month’s products are full sized items! Which is seriously great value for money.

The first product in this months bag was the amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. This cute this sample is the perfect size to take with you on holiday. This item has gone straight into my holiday pile and will feature in my summer blog post next month!

The next item is apparently a BirchBox exclusive, which is always very exciting! The Arrow ENHANCE Waterproof Eyeliner is a cute little eyeliner in a beautiful nude pink shade which is perfect to put on your waterline to brighten up your eyes! I am in love with this product, it has the same effect as a white eyeliner but doesn’t look nearly as 20170606_112627-01harsh. Great for everyday use. This product is vegan and cruelty-free and doesn’t use any parabens, which means you can use it without worrying where it has been! It’s usually priced at £12 but it comes as a duo pencil with the pink colour on one end and a black on the other. The pink is seriously pigmented, so I am excited to purchase and try out the black end in the future.

The third item is something I have never thought of trying before. The Scrub Love, Coffee Body Scrub is exactly what it says on the packet. It is a body scrub made which all natural ingrediants, the main one being coffee. I am a major coffee addict, so I was very intreged by this product. The scrub exfoliates and also stimuates circulation, so not only is it good for your skin but its going to make you feel amazing as well. My only issue with this product was that it does get a little messy. In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have used this while saying with my mum (she was not best pleased) but I just couldn’t wait. I limited the mess by emptying the packet into a small container and using small bits at a time. That way I was in control of where the product was going and I could also seal away any product I didn’t need, so i could use it later. A full bag of this around £12 and Scrub Love do all kind of different scrubs, so they are deffinitly worth checking out!

I alway love recieving a full sized item in my BirchBox, it makes me feel like these subscrition boxes are seriously good value for money. This months full sized item is the Cow Shed, Cow Pat Hand Cream. Now don’t be put off by the slightly weird name. This hand cream smells devine! Made with extracts of grapefruit and coriander it smells refreshing and its thick creamy formula really norishes your hands! I have been really enjoying this product has I have dry patches over my knuckles, it has really been soothing them and I always say, you can never have enough hand cream! This product is usually £8, so to recieve a full size item is serious good for money, thats nearly your whole box paid for!

20170606_112618-01.jpegThe last product in this months bag is another one that is going to be great for taking away on your summer holidays. The MeechNMia Brow Liner is a great little brow pencil (again, a full sized item!). It comes in three colours, I recieved the shade 022, which actually matches me new ginger hair perfectly! I have tried it out a few times, i couldn’t resist, before Iput it away into my holiday makeup bag. This liner is, once again, cruelty free and it goes onto the brows really easily, with a finish that looks really natural! This product is usually around £13, which is insaine to recieve a full size in the box!

Overall I am super, super happy with this months bag and and products! Thank you to BirchBox for never failing to impress!

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Have you recieved a BirchBox? What did you think of the products? Let me know in the comments or on social media, follow the links below.

Ay x



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