What’s Inside a Four-Year-Old Beauty Blender?

I would first like to point out that I have not been using this beauty blender for the last four years…that would be gross. No, I brought this beauty blender when I was working as a makeup artist in 2012. I had several of them to use on my clients but this one was for my personal use. Because I was spending so much money on replacing my work sponges, I just kept washing and using my own for months and months and months….and months. Yeh, ok that is pretty gross but you live and you learn. These days I use the cheaper option of the Real Techniques sponge.

So when I cleared out my room at my parent’s house, I came across my old beauty blender. I’ve seen a few videos where people cut them open but the oldest one I’ve seen is a year old sponge. My curiosity was too much, I wanted to know what the inside of a four-year-old beauty blender would look like. Just to see a comparison, I also cut open one of my current sponges which I have just replaced. This sponge has been used for about five months. beautyblender2.jpeg

I started with the newest one. Using my pair of right-handed children’s scissors which I have a feeling came home from a primary school at some point, I started chopping at the sponge. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, although this might have been easier if I had had a decent pair of scissors but they’re still in a box somewhere needing to be unpacked.

To be honest, I am really surprised at how clean the inside of the sponge is. I use my beauty blender everybeautyblender3 day to apply my foundation, concealer, baking powder and face powder. The outside is disgusting but the inside looks brand new! It just goes to show how little these sponges soak up the products. Which is good to know when I’m using my favourite Urban Decay foundation, I want it on my face, not in a sponge.


So the inside of the newest sponge was pretty clean and intact…time for the really old one.

The outside of this sponge was gross. You could barely tell that it had once been bright pink. Cutting it open, the inside wasn’t quite as clean as the previous one. A lot more of the makeup has soaked into the sponge creating this pretty cool looking ring effect. The contrast between the bright pink centre and the brown edge really reminds me of one of that crystal you can buy that’s inside a rock. Although the centre was still pretty pink, it was slightly discoloured and looked a little mouldy. I was caught between being intrigued and grossed out. beautyblender5.jpeg

 This experiment, as well as quenching my curiosity, also proved to me that beauty blenders really don’t soak up that much product, which makes them the perfect tools for everyday foundation application! But it also shows how dirty these sponges can become over time. I think I am definitely going to be more religious about replacing my sponges in the future.

What’s the longest you’ve used a beauty blender? Let me know in the comments or on social media, click the links below.


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5 thoughts on “What’s Inside a Four-Year-Old Beauty Blender?

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    1. Hi there! Yes, thousands of the bloody things. To be honest, I just go through and delete them every couple of months. If you are using a WordPress site, they have a great system that acts as a net to catch them which makes doing so a little easier.


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