Why are we obsessed with Unicorns?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the majority of 2017 then you will have seen the growing popularity of the Unicorn. Unicorn food, unicorn clothing, unicorn drink, unicorn blow up animals. It is starting to get a little out of control, especially of late.

The unicorn trend really hit home in April when Starbucks released their Unicorn Frappuccino (which wasn’t available in the UK to my utter dismay. Come one Starbucks! We Brits need love too!). The creamy beverage was bright pink and blue and was apparently was a combination of sweet and incredibly sour. A vast number of Youtube vloggers took it upon themselves to taste-test the drink on their channels, unfortunately, the drink didn’t appear to taste as good as it looked. With creators such as Remlife (Remi Cruz), stated the drink was not to their desired tastes.


However, Starbucks were not the start of the trend, oh no, they jumped onto a bandwagon that was already moving. So where did our obsession with the mystical pony begin? Surprisingly not very recently! We’ve been a big fan of the multicoloured horses for decades, with each generation creating their own produce. Back when I was a kid there were ‘My Little Pony’, brightly coloured plastic horses with long manes of rainbow hair.


But with the boom in social media, the Unicorn (much like with everything else) suddenly had a lot more press coverage. Anything rainbow was suddenly hashtagged on all platform’s, pictures shared over the internet from all over the world and gradually people created new rainbow products and jumped in on the trend. In New York, people flocked in order to try the ‘Rainbow bagel’ which is basically a bagel with food colouring but like moths to a flame the colours brought in customers. As you can imagine, seeing how much one store could make from putting food colouring into their products, it was never going to be long before the larger stores wanted in. Massive clothing stores from New Look to Forever 21 have huge collections of clothes and accessories dedicated solely to unicorns. Makeup brands such as Tarte have created whole makeup collections based on the bright pinks, blues and purples. These companies then pass their products on to the social media influencers who show the products to their followers through platforms such as Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Hannah Dick, a specialist in social media in New York states, ‘Our social media profiles are shaped around visual culture.’ In other words, with the eye-catching pastel colours of the unicorn being so pleasant to the eye, it is no wonder we are drawn to them the more we see them on social media! The more we see these products, the more we want them.



But the next question is, are the unicorn pastries and hair styles and products here to stay? Most probably not. As with all trends, eventually something else will come along and dim the unicorns light and the social media world will move on to obsess over the next big trend. So enjoy the candy floss coloured products while they last. Personally, I’m just glad we are over our 2005 obsession with sparkly vampires.

Are you a fan of the unicorn trend? Let me know in the comments below or on social media, follow the links!


Ay x


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7 thoughts on “Why are we obsessed with Unicorns?

  1. I had your same unicorn childhood and still dreaming at least one item in my wardrobe reminding me to that wonderful, peaceful, happy world! All this without looking ridiculous because not a teen anymore.


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