Feather Eyebrows!

Just like with everything else, eyebrow trends are always changing. From the thin brows of the 20’s to the well styled Audrey Hepburn brows of the 50’s, the trend are constantly changing. I look back on past pictures of myself from when I was a teenager and I wonder what on earth I was thinking. Or even worse, from the early 2000’s when my eyebrows were plucked within an inch of their life! I am so lucky they grew back! The thing about trends, just like with clothes, the trends come round again. But the latest eyebrow trend is something none of us expected. Feather brows? Perfectly sculpted, on fleek eyebrows are a thing of the past. For a while we began to love our natural brows once again, thanks to the beautiful Cara Devine, but now it appears that the messy brows are being taken that one step further!

Audrey Heburn

So what exactly is this feather eyebrow trend? In essence, the hairs of the brows are split down the middle. The top section is brushed upward and the bottom half brushed downward. The hairs are brushed so that they are spread sparsely, like feathers, and set them in place with Vaseline. Then, using a light concealer, define the line down the middle.

So where did this trend come from? Well, originally the look was a one off. Finnish makeup artist, Stella Sironen created a look with the experimental feather brows and posted it on instagram. What she didn’t expect was for them to viral over night. People all over the world were recreating their own looks with the trend setting eyebrows and putting their own twist on them.


But is the feather eyebrow trend here to stay? It seems that the critics are divided. Some people are embracing the new trend with open arms and strutting their feather brows like a proud peacock. Others…are not so convinced. But whether they are here to stay or if they are just a passing trend, no one can deny that these feather brows are very unique and interesting! I can’t wait to see what our grandchild think of this trend in 50 year time!

What do you think of this trend? Are you Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comments below or on social media, just follow the links below.

Ay x

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