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Emma’s Nip Slip?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you have more than likely heard about the backlash, Emma Watson is dealing with over a ‘topless’ picture published in a fashion magazine. Now the reason this, so called topless picture caused so much of a debate is because some people felt that Watson was a hypocrite. That she could not be both feminist AND sexual.


I would like to point out that this blog post is not in anyway a swing at Emma Watson, far from it! The Hermione Granger star has been an element in my life since childhood, and now as a young woman in my early twenties I commend her for her passion and dedication to fighting for women’s rights.

So, what exactly was it that has made people so angry? Well, after the picture of Emma appeared in Vanity Fair magazine a few weeks ago many people took to Twitter (because that’s what you do these days when you don’t agree with something) and told the world their opinion that, Emma Watson could not possibly be a feminist and fight for woman’s rights and then flaunt her breast in the media…because that’s what feminism is about right? Breasts?  As Watson states in her BBC interview, ‘I’m not sure what my tits have to do with feminism.’


Firstly, feminists fight for equality between the sexes. They fight so that women and men can feel free to follow their dreams and not be tied down by their gender/sex. With this in mind, if Emma wants to show her body in a magazine she has a right to do that, that is precisely what she is fighting for, THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT TO DO WITH HER OWN BODY! Secondly, have you see the picture that has caused all this fuss? She isn’t even topless! You can see a little bit of under boob. Excuse my sarcasm but WOW! Obviously for copyright reasons I can’t put the actual picture up, but here is a link to the picture in question. SCANDLE!  (Just whatever you do, don’t google search Emma Watson topless photos…..I’m slightly concerned what people use photo shop for. I cannot unsee what I have seen!)

The sheer number of people who think that a woman cannot be both feminist and sexual is alarming and the precise reason why we need woman like, Emma Watson. Women who will stand up for the masses and speak out! To say, yes, we have a right to express ourselves through our words, our art, our clothes. Yes, we have a right to be who we want to be. Yes, we have a right to choose our own path. That is the important message that people should be talking about. Not a little bit of under boob in an artistic photo shoot! It’s Vanity Fair, not Pornhub!  To quote my favourite movie, Notting Hill, ‘They’re just boobs!’

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What do you think about Emma’s photoshoot? Was it a scandal, or has it been blown out of the water? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media. Follow the links below.

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