Lip First Aid

It is so very nearly Spring, but the winter months are still taking their toll, especially on our lips. Crack, sore and bloody, our lips are at their most vulnerable during the winter. There are many reasons why the colder months are such a harsh time for our lips; the cold air dries up all the moisture out side and our central heating dries it up inside. The rapid change of temperature causes the delicate skin to dry and crack. If this sounds familiar then you are not alone but never fear as there are ways to keep your lips supple and beautiful all year long.


One: The first point of call is to treat the skin from within by drinking plenty of water. Keeping the body hydrating will allow your cells to replenish faster, rejuvenating the skin and keeping it supple.

Two:  water-1585192_640Not all moisture is good for your lips. Linking your lips can cause them to crack and bleed. The digestive enzymes in your saliva break down the protective barrier leaving them vulnerable to the elements. SO STOP LICKING THEM!

Three: As tempting as it may be when there is dry, flaky, skin on your lips, do not pick them. The bacteria from your hands is only going to make the wound worse and risk infection. Plus, you are stopping them for healing! lip-1147365_640

Four: Instead of picking, use a lip exfoliator. You can purchase sugar scrubs (LUSH happen to do a fantastic range), these will gently remove the dead skin from your lips or you can brush your lips with a toothbrush for the same effect! Adding exfoliation to your weekly beauty routine will keep the chapped lips at bay.

Five: Applying lip balm throughout the day will help lock in moisture and help protect your lips. I personally love beeswax balms as they are a renewable source (and the bees need all the help they can get!) Plus it does wonders for the lips. Other great balms include shea butter and coconut oil! I am personally not a fan of petroleum jelly because it comes from a non-renewable source (and I’m allergic to it!). The trick with balms is to regularly apply it. Always have one with you! Which is why I have hundreds scattered around everywhere! If you always have one on you then there is no excuse not to use it. Your lips will thank you.


Six: If you find lipsticks dry out your lips or emphasis the damage to them, a great trick is to apply a lip balm before the colour. This works particularly well with matt products. The balm will act as a barrier giving you a flatter canvas to work with.

Just adding these simple things into your day to day life will have your lips looking healthy and supple in no time.

What is your favourite brand of lip balm? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter, just follow the bird below!.


Ay x

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