Valentine’s Day Pamper Routine!

So, Valentines Day is coming up, love is in the air! But if you’ve got no plans for February 14th you can still celebrate in your own home, showing yourself some love!  Take the day/evening to pamper yourself and recharge your batteries. Here are my top ten ways to relax and pamper myself.

1) Take a bath – Baths are one of the best ways to unwind. Adding essential oils, bath salts and bath bombs will help relax your muscles and make your feel renewed. My personal favourite place to get bath products is Lush. So much care and detail goes into each and every one of their products, they’re beautiful and smell divine.

himalayan-1509964_6402) Face Masks – There is something about the clean, fresh feeling of your skin after a face mask that leaves you feeling so refreshed! Check out my previous post on a Guide to Face Masks!

3) Meditate – Taking a moment to just breathe and reflect can be very rewarding. A great app from meditating is Calm, they provide a free meditation session everyday as well as other great features!

4) Food – Nice meals aren’t just for date nights! Make yourself your favourite meal, order your favourite take out then sit in front of the TV and relax! My guilty pleasure has to be a Chinese takeaway. Shhh.

5) Music – Listening to music really helps me forget about stress. Did you know, when you listen to music your heat beat mimics the bass? But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to classical music if that isn’t your cup of tea. Listen to your favourite album, turn it up loud, dance around. Enjoy yourself! I’m currently love Little Mix’s new album Glory Days.

6) Comfy Clothes – Nothing is better than pulling on leggings, a hoodie and fluffy socks! Leave the uncomfortable uniform and heels at the door and enjoy some time lounging in comfort. You deserve it!

7) Netflix – Forget Netflix and Chill! Netflix with blankets and a glass of wine (or hot chocolate). You don’t need another half to have some time for yourself, settling down to binge on a new show. I am currently obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. Lucy Hale is gorgeous!relaxing-1979674_640.jpg

8) Time with friends- Valentine’s day is about love, but that love doesn’t have to be romantic (one of my best friends spends every year with her mum!). Spend the evening with people who make you feel good about yourself. Friends, family, your dog!

9) Sleep- We’re all busy these days with work, school and our social lives. But rest is important! Show yourself some love and catch up on some much deserved sleep!


10) Read – As an English student I read a lot! But rarely what I want to read, so when I do it is a real treat. Find a book you will enjoy and give yourself some time to just sit and immerse yourself in the story. I’m currently reading The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan. Remember to have a box of tissues handy.

Those were my Top 10 ways to pamper myself! Enjoy Valentines day, whether you’re single, engaged, married or whatever! Take some time to show yourself some love!

Don’t forget to check out my Date Night makeup tutorial available now on YouTube!

What are you doing for Valentine’s day? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter, just click on the bird below.


Ay x

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