Guide to Facemasks.

My goodness! What is going on with this cold weather? It is playing havoc with my skin and my saving grace has been using a series of facemasks. There are many benefits to using facemasks, they can help cleanse your skin, refine your pores, hydrate and even out your skin tone.

There are many different types of mask, each that have different qualities that can benefit your skin. The important part is knowing which mask will help which skin problem.


Clay Masks

Clay masks are generally made with kaolin clay. They absorb excess oils from the skin, drawing out impurities from the pores makes them smaller and helping clear acne.

Hydration masks

These makes usually consist of a gel formula and sit on the skin rather than drying. These masks replenish the moisture in the skin and are great for when the weather drops and the wind picks up.

Firming and Anti-aging

These masks contain collagen and help boost the collagen production in the skin. The collagen improves the skins elasticity and tightens fine lines and wrinkles.

Tissue Masks

These sheet masks are a huge trend in Asia at the moment. The sheets are soaked in Vitamin C which the skin absorbs. The Vitamin C brightens the skin and helps reduce dark spots and bags under the eyes.

Sleeping Masks

Like hydration masks, sleeping makes replenish the moisture in the skin. Rather than removing the mask after several minutes you allow it to absorb over the whole night while you sleep. These masks are great for really dry skin.

Using a face mask in your weekly skin care routine can really boost the quality of your skin, so they really ate worth looking into!

What face masks are you loving? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter. Just click on the bird below.

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12 thoughts on “Guide to Facemasks.

    1. My sister has the same problem. She breaks out with the slightest thing. Try sticking to more natural masks, even making some homemade ones. They work just as well and are kinder on your skin than shop brought as they contain less chemicals. Always patch test before trying a new product x


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