Tips and Tricks for Glitter!

December is my favourite time of year! I love the brisk cold air, Christmas lights around town, carols, gingerbread lattes (and secretly I am a big fan of vlogmas on YouTube). But most of all I love the fact I have an excuse to wear glitter everyday…and I do. Everyday.

But glitter can be difficult to work with. Fall out is an inevitability and there is always the risk that an hour or two after application the glitter on your eyes will be half way down your face!

Since it is the holidays, my gift to you is my top tips for wearing glitter, from eyes to nails!

girls-1149935_640First things first, choose your glitter. There are several brands that I recommend; MAC Reflects Glitter collection is gorgeous!  But you don’t have to fork out a lot for beautiful glitter. BarryM and Nyx both make beautiful highly pigmented glitter for under £10. There are several different size glitters out there, ranging from dust (which is highly fine) to chunky glitter which generally comes in different shapes and is great for fancy dress parties. It’s important to know which type of glitter you are purchasing. Fine glitter dust is great for packing onto the eyes, it makes a smooth flawless surface if applied right without looking to flaky. Regular sized glitter is great for dusting over the eyes and creating more sparse coatings. Depending on what look you are going for determines the size of the glitter you are after. Once you’ve chosen your glitter you need to decide how much you want on your face and what you are going to use to stick it there. Simply applying the sparkly stuff to your face will stick at first, the oils from your skin latching onto the flecks, but after a small amount of time it will fall off. By using an adhesive you are ensuring that your sparkles will stick for as long as you wish!


Fixing spray

If you want a very subtle amount of glitter then fixing spray is a good way to go. Sprits your face, taking special care to saturate the eye area and then, while the spray is still damp, apply the glitter either with a brush or with your finger. Alternatively you can spray the fixing spray onto the brush and then apply the glitter. Either way will create a subtle glittery surface to your eyes. The glitter can easily be built up and it will stay put! Some of my favourite fixing sprays are MAC Fix+ and L’Oréal infallible.

Glitter glue

If you want a specific area to be sparkly then glitter glues are great because they come with a small precision brush which allows you to be really delicate with where you are applying the glitter. These glues generally contain a small amount of glitter so can be used alone as well!  These products are perfect for creating glitter eyeliner or glitter shapes.

Eyelash Glue

If you’re planning to bedazzle your entire lid or if you’re using chunky glitter pieces then lash glue is definitely an option; especially if you don’t own any glitter glue. Take a small amount of the glue on your finger and apply over the lid (be careful of your eyelashes and your eyeball!). With a small amount of product this is generally easy to do and is perfectly safe. Once the glue is tacky apply your glitter with clean fingers (fingers rather than a brush, the glue will ruin your brushes). Pat the glitter down and then blend  out the edges with an eyeshadow once the glue has completely dried.


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If you’re using chunky glitter simply apply the glue to the glitter and place on the face, or vise versa. My favourite eyelash glue is Duo, I have been using it for years and it has never let me down!


To get loose glitter nails apply a nail polish to the nail as a base coat (this protects the nail from the glitter). Once this has dried apply another coat and apply the loose glitter carefully with your finger. When the glitter has covered the nail pat it down to compact it, this will stop it falling off later. Apply several layers of top coat to lock it all in.


To remove glitter from the eyes first saturate a cotton pad with either Micellar water, makeup remover or coconut oil. Place the pad over the eyes and press it down for around 30 seconds then carefully wipe away. This will remove the suborn glitter then all you need to do is remove your makeup as usual.

A trick to remove stubborn fall out from your face is to use sticky tape. Place the sticky side of the tape over the glitter and then pull it off. The glitter will stick to the tape leaving your makeup intact. Once all the glitter is gone, apply some powder and you’re ready to go!


Glitter is one of my favourite things and I love using it during Christmas. Be sure to follow my blog for lots of glitter inspired makeup tutorials this month!

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Ay x

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