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Tips For The Perfect Red Lip!

The red lips is a very classic looks from the 50’s that is still very fashionable today with personalities such as T swift and Kat Von D sporting the bold lip. But the red lip is also a statement look; if done right it looks classy and elegant, if done wrong…well, let’s just say it’s a do right or don’t bother lip colour. So here are my tips on perfecting the red lip.

Choosing your red shade.

The first thing you need to do is decide on your shade. Not all reads are the same and not all red colours suit everybody. The easiest way to finding the best shade for you is knowing if you look better is silver or gold. If you look better in silver you have a cooler complexion; this means cooler, blood reds will suit you best. If you look better in gold then you have a warmer complexion and warmer reds and burnt orange tones will suit you best. If you look equally good in both gold and silver, lucky you! You have a neutral complexion which basically means you can get away with wearing pretty much any shade and look smoking hot. lipstick-1097142_640Exfoliate

Once you’ve found your shade you need to start preparing; the key to the perfect red lip is to not rush and slap it one, the red lip is an art! Using a lip exfoliator scrub your lips to create a smooth surface. You can buy lip exfoliators or you can make your own using sugar and honey; just remember to use it within three days. Once your lips are exfoliated moisturize them with a lip balm; my current favourite is the Burts Bees range, which are made from natural bees wax and not petroleum (which I happen to be allergic too). Leave the balm for a few minutes to soak in before dabbing your lips with in a tissue.

Lip Liner

Lip liners are key with this lip colour as they stop the lipstick bleeding. Carefully line your lips but make sure the line is strong and neat. Then fill in the lips, this will make the colour stay put better. The lip liner can also determine the brightness of the overall red. If you want a slightly darker look without being dark red, try a darker liner, it will subtly change the hue of the lipstick which is great if  you’re introducing yourself to darker colours or wanting to change your lip colour with the seasons.


For the lip stick itself never apply directly from the bullet as you wont have a lot of control. Use a lip brush to evenly distribute the product and reach all the edges of your lips. Take your time and remember practise makes perfect. Once you’re happy with the coverage suck your thumb (yes, you read that correctly), sucking your thumb for a few seconds will remove any excess product from your inner lip which otherwise would have ended up on your teeth. Not a good look.

Neaten it up

We’re almost there. Using a concealer or foundation with a concealer brush, go around to make the edges sharp and neat. Your lips are only as good as their edges! Blend the concealer away and blot the lips with a tissue.


And you’re done! Rock those red lips with confidence!

What red shade is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below of on Twitter, just click on the bird.

Ay x

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