How to Create a Starter Makeup Kit!

With so many new beauty products being released every month it can be difficult deciding what brands and products to pick up; especially if you’re only just starting out. So what do you need in your first makeup kit? Here are my recommendations.

First of all it’s important to keep it simple in the beginning as you experiment to see what suits you best. What you don’t want is to try everything out at once and end up looking like a killer clown. Trust me, it’s easily done. I spent my late teenage years looking like a doll. Check out my ‘How I used to do my makeup’ video here.



With your first foundation keep it simple. Stick to a liquid or powder with light coverage; maybe a BB cream if you’re not to worried about acne. When you’re a teenager it’s tempting to hide spots with heavy foundation but generally it just makes things worse and draws a lot of attention to them. With a light coverage foundation you can build up the layers slowly to avoid the cake look. Brands I recommend: L’Oréal True Match and Rimmel Match Perfection.

When choosing your foundation shade, it’s tempting to just test the product on the back of your hand but your hand is actually darker than your face. The best place to test a shade is the edge of your jaw or your neck.


If you suffer from acne this will a be a must in your makeup kit. A corrective concealer palette generally contains yellow, green and salmon concealer. The green will be your best friend as it will counteract the redness of the spots. The yellow and salmon will help hide dark circles depending on if they are purple (salmon) or blue (yellow). Use these concealers lightly and then apply a concealer that matches your skin tone. This can be a liquid or a cream concealer, both are really easy to use. Try different formulas to see which you like. My drug store favourites: Natural Collection and Maybelline.



If you use a foundation that is a liquid formula you may want to use a powder to set it, this makes it last longer. My recommendation would be to use a translucent powder as it wont affect the colour of your foundation. To apply I would either use a powder brush or a powder puff; remember to press the product onto your face, not wipe.


Primers are great for creating a flawless finish and they make your makeup stay put for a lot longer. Nearly all makeup brands do a basic primer; my favourites are currently BarryM and L’Oréal.


Invest in a neutral eyeshadow palette. Browns and greys are the best place to start with makeup as they go with pretty much anything and can be built up for any occasion from an everyday look to a Smokey eye. Neutral colours are a lot more forgiving and will give you the ability to practise your blending before you move onto bolder colours.



There are two eyeliners I would recommend purchasing. A Kohl pencil liner and a felt tip liner. The kohl pencil is great for all kind of styles around the eyes, including the waterline and tight lining your upper lash line. Felt tip liners are very much like liquid liners but a lot easier to use. Check out my post ‘That eyeliner issue’ for more details on them. Using a felt tip liner will aid you in perfecting your winged liner.



There is no point in buying expensive mascara when you’re first starting out. I still don’t spend more than £5 on a mascara since I like to throw them out every 3 months to avoid spreading germs onto my eyes. Test out different mascara wands to decide which one you prefer to use. I would also recommend staying away from water proof mascara when you first start out as it is can be hard to remove.


Brush wise there is no need to go out and buy a huge collection straight away. All you really need is a foundation, powder, eyeshadow and lip brush. A lot of drugstore supply these in sets or individually; you can also find plenty online. I have a major love for Real Technic brushes. They’re a little pricey but the quality if good so you know they will last a good amount of time if you take care of them. Check out my post ‘Squeaky Clean Brushes‘ here on how to care for your brushes.


The important thing to remember when you start using makeup is to be patient and practise. You can always wipe it off and start again so don’t take it all to seriously.

What’s in our makeup kit? Let me know if the comments below or on Twitter, just click on the bird.

Ay x

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