Coppafeel- Time to Check Your Boobs!

We’re all familiar with breast cancer. That horrible disease that infects the breasts of middle aged and older women. Right? Wrong! Breast cancer can effect anyone, even men! And that is exactly what happened to Kris Hallenga, the founder of Coppafeel.

Kris was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2009 at the ripe old age of 23. But when she originally found the syptoms she was told by her GP that they were most likely caused by hormones, due to her young age. By the time they found the cancer it had progressed to stage 4 (no stage 5) and had spread to her spine. But rather than wallowing in her misfortune, Kris took a stand and created the Coppafeel foundation to spread the awareness that breast cancer can happen to anyone at any time. Their goal, to prevent late diagnosis of breast cancer.

Coppafeel works across the UK, teaching people the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and how to correctly check your own breasts. In 2010 the Uniboob team began. An army of studet volunteers spread across the UK working within their universities to spread awareness and raise money to keep the message going.

This amazing charlity does some incredible work and Kris is a real inspiration. To check out her story for yourself and to read more into Coppafeel check out their website, click the banner below. CoppaFeel_logo_in_aid_of.png

I managed to slip into a metting with Liverpool John Moores Uniboob team. They dicussed different ‘missions’ they could set up over the month of November including a cake sale, selling boob themed cupcakes, collaborating with other societies and my personal favourite, painting peoples nails for free whilst giving them some potentially life saving advice on breast cancer. If you’re around Liverpool through November look out for the Uniboob team.


I also have a code for you! Text ‘UBT LJMU’ to 70500. The first text costs your usual rate and then you will be sent free reminders to check your boobs! We’re all busy so these reminders really help to make sure we are checking our boobs (yes guys, that means you too.)

Wishing all the best to Kris and anyone else suffering with cancer. Let’s keep the awareness going and remember CHECK YOUR BOOBS! #Coppafeel


Ay x

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