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Classic Red Lip Makeup Tutorial.

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Tips For The Perfect Red Lip!

The red lips is a very classic looks from the 50's that is still very fashionable today with personalities such as T swift and Kat Von D sporting the bold lip. But the red lip is also a statement look; if done right it looks classy and elegant, if done wrong...well, let's just say it's… Continue reading Tips For The Perfect Red Lip!

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90’s Inspired Shoot

In the spirit of bonfire night I wanted to create a look that reflected the night without being overly glittery. While designing this look, I came across Little Mix’s latest video, ‘Shout out to my ex.’ Perri’s makeup in the beginning is amazing and was my inspiration for this look       Ay x… Continue reading 90’s Inspired Shoot

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How to Create a Starter Makeup Kit!

With so many new beauty products being released every month it can be difficult deciding what brands and products to pick up; especially if you're only just starting out. So what do you need in your first makeup kit? Here are my recommendations. First of all it's important to keep it simple in the beginning… Continue reading How to Create a Starter Makeup Kit!


Coppafeel- Time to Check Your Boobs!

We're all familiar with breast cancer. That horrible disease that infects the breasts of middle aged and older women. Right? Wrong! Breast cancer can effect anyone, even men! And that is exactly what happened to Kris Hallenga, the founder of Coppafeel. Kris was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2009 at the ripe old age of 23. But… Continue reading Coppafeel- Time to Check Your Boobs!