October Favourites 2016!

Happy October everyone! The leaves are gold, the wind is brisk and it’s finally Halloween! What are you being for Halloween? This is my first Halloween away from home for I will be snuggling under my duvet with candy and a spooky movie…which might be a bad idea but hey, it’s Halloween! So, here are my favourites for this month.


My makeup favourite for this month is my BarryM Fine Glitter in Yellow Gold. I originally went to buy the pink (hunted is probably a better term. Everywhere!) but I’m glad I found this gold instead. This glitter is so pretty, it reminds me of the pixie dust from Tinkerbell in the way it shimmers. Because it’s fine it is really easy to control when applying and it is really durable, it will stay put for hours. The fall out is easy enough to brush away as well and isn’t as noticeable as the more chunky glitter.


Skin Care

For skin care this month I want to talk about the Chameleon Clay Purifying Cleanser by bareMinerals. I am a growing fan of bareMinerals, their products are really clearing up my skin which is prone to breakouts of cystic acne. This cleaner contains all natural products such as ginger and sea salt and it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean after a long day of wearing makeup. The bottle is a little pricey at £17 but you only need a small amount and, if like me you only use it at night, the bottle will last you a decent amount of time.


Hair Care

If you read my blog then you’ll know my hair is really damaged. Years of dying and removing colour have left it really brittle and what doesn’t help is my habit of tying it up into a top knot. The elastic hair ties I was using were adding to the damage every time I tied up my hair, but I have found the answer. These new hair bobbles remind me of the old telephone wires from the 90’s, but the curly twists sink into your hair; holding it in place without stressing the hair. So not only do they not damage your hair but they don’t kink it which is a huge bonus if you want to keep your styled hair intact!



This months food favourite is not so much food, more drink. I am a coffee addict an my favourite coffee is a caramel latte, but running a coffee machine is not a cheap process. I found this caramel coffee syrup by Monin at Tesco for around £3. I add it to my coffee when I want a treat and it makes it taste so good! I recently found out they use this brand in a lot of coffee shops, so it must be good! No more will I need to fork out a fortune to enjoy caramel coffee at home.


This is a bit of a random one but I have to mention it because it has literally saved my butt…or at least my phone. The tempered glass screen covers for phones are incredible! I dropped by phone down the back of the toilet (long story), a fall that would most certainly have smashed my screen. To my relief the corner of the tempered glass was cracked by the phone underneath was perfectly intact. The glass will now need replacing but £5 every time you crack your phone is a lot better than the £80 I was quoted to fix the screen of the actual phone.


My Seasonal favourite is the Ginger Spice Cookie Jar Candle by Yankee Candle. I’ve never burnt a Yankee Jar before but the smell is divine, it smells just like freshly backed ginger bread. It takes a good few hours of burning before it starts to burn right across the top , but once it gets going it is great. Just be sure to leave it burning for at least 4 hours at a time and never leave your candle unattended.


Those are my favourites for this month. If you are heading out tonight stay safe and Happy Halloween.

Ay x

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