Easy Halloween: Galaxy Freckles!

Happy Halloween! Now’s lets face it, this year is going to have a few to many jokers, what with Harley Quinn and killer clowns. So if you don’t fancy applying multiple layers of white face paint these galaxy freckles are a cute and easy alternative. This look is great if you don’t really feel like dressing up or if you need a last minute costume idea.


I started off with my usual foundation and eyebrow routine to work as a base for this look. If you want to have a bit more of a sci-fi effect to your freckles you can go ahead and make your eyebrows whatever colour your galaxy is going to be. Next choose your colours. I went with purple, pink and blue because this is my favourite colour combination but all kinds of colours will work.

Using a sponge (beauty blenders work perfectly), apply light shades of your chosen colours over your cheeks and blend out the edges. I used the blue to create an S shape then blended the other colours around it so that the makeup as a whole will have some organised chaos.

Once satisfied with the placement of the colours take some darker shades of those colours to add some dimension and not make the look seem flat. Depending on how dramatic you want your look you can stop adding colour here or you can go ahead and add one shade darker slightly over your existing areas. For my lighter colours I used Kryolan raspberry, blue coral and cassis. For the darker colours I used Ben Nye Azalea, Cosmic Blue and Amethyst. Once you like your colour combination, blend all of the harsh lines. With the aura complete we can move onto the stars.

Take a white cosmetic paint, I used my Aqua Colour Palette by Kryolan. Using a thin brush paint different sized stars over your cheeks and nose. Try not to create to much of a pattern because natural freckles are random and we want to try and recreate this. To add some extra zazz, apply glitter over a few of the stars. I used a combination of BarryM silver and Fairy Dust Lilac.

If you make a mistake, use some makeup remover on a Q-Tip and gently remove the paint using scooping motions, then reapply the eyeshadow with the remnants on your sponge.

Because we don’t want to distract from our galaxy, we don’t want our eyes to be to elaborate. You can either leave them bare or, like me, add a thin layer of glitter over the eyelid and add a basic eyeliner. Eyelashes really finish off this look, so I highly recommend adding them.

For the lips I used a light pink and applied it to the centre of the lips and blended it out to make it softer.

This look is by no means scary but it is really cute. And if we are honest, a lot easier to wash off! Check out my YouTube video for a more visual tutorial, just follow the link below.


What are you doing for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, just follow the bird below.

Ay x

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