Autumn Inspired Makeup

Happy October! I am such a fan of autumn and everything that goes with it! This year, due to my renewed ginger hair, I have been loving wearing burnt orange and yellows, especially on my eyes. Here is how I have been doing my makeup this fall along with the products I used.



After doing my foundation and eyebrows I primed by eyelids using Nyx Eyeshadow primer  and did a wash of matt white over the whole eyelid using my Kryolan palette. I then went over the white on the centre of the eyelid with the almond colour from the same palette.

To blend the edges of the yellow, I used a fluffy brush and a light ash brown. Don’t be too heavy on this colour, use it to blend the edges but you don’t want it to be to dense as it will distract from the colours we are about to use.

Taking a small domed brush apply a coppery brown to the outer V of the eye and into the crease. I used chestnut from my Kryolan palette. Blend it out slightly but don’t loose the intensity of the colour. Use a small brush to bring this colour down onto the lower lash line.

Then using the same brush apply a darker brown to the outer corner to add some depth. I once again used my Kryolan palette and the colour sudan. Blend out the edges of the darker colour using a white or neutral colour and a clean fluffy brush.

For eyeliner you can pretty much do whichever style suits your eye shape. I went with the winged eyeliner as it is my favourite! I used Maybelline gel eyeliner in black chrome and used an angled brush to create the wing, only bringing it half way across the eye so that it isn’t too intense. I then went over the liner with the black eyeshadow in the Urban Decay basics palette to darken the line and make it more defined.

Then using Urban Decay’s Venus eyeshadow, apply to the inner corners to brighten the eyes.

Apply mascara and false eyelashes if you want a more glamorous fall look.

For the lips use a light brown lip liner to line and fill in the lips and then apply a light nude lipstick.

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And that is the finished look. For a more visual tutorial for this look check out my video on my YouTube channel. Click the link below.

Autumn youtube.jpg

What colours have you been wearing this fall? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter, just click on the bird.


Ay x

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